This page aims to help you remove JS/Adware.Revizer.B. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

It is possible that you are one of the many users who have been experiencing the annoying consequences of an ad-producing program on your PC. The specific Adware version we will be discussing in the article below is called JS/Adware.Revizer.B, and it could be the reason for your recent ad-related high levels of irritation. Briefly, this type of program might affect all the browsers you have installed – Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and/ or any of the other most popular ones; and may set them to broadcast an incredibly big number of different online ads like pop-ups,  tabs, fancy banners and boxes, which might vary in shape, size and color.

What else can you expect from Adware?

First of all, we are going to define Adware. All versions of this software have the ability to display a lot of various ads. Such ads are legal since they simply aim to serve the needs of the online advertising industry, and make sure the successful cyber promotion of services and products takes place. The generation of such advertisements is the direct consequence of the mutual actions of both programmers and producers who work together towards the promotion of the said products and services. One of the most popular remuneration systems that lies in the basis of this collaboration is known as the Pay Per Click scheme. The more pop-ups the Adware developers set it to display the more effectively these programs are considered to promote, and the larger amounts of money their makers earn.

Bundles: the main Adware source

Generally speaking, the main sources of spreading these ad-generating programs are the well-known software bundles. A bundle is a lot of different software pieces such as games, apps, Adware programs, combined together and distributed as one, typically for free. When a user downloads one of these bundles, they are NOT infecting their systems with JS/Adware.Revizer.B. Actually, all the bundles and the programs inside them have to be installed willingly on any device so as to start working. In spite of that, the installation process may appear to be rather confusing, and oftentimes might be totally disregarded by lots of users. In fact, the way in which you install any bundle, app or a game is what really affects the condition of your computer in terms of possible issues.

Is there anything malicious or dangerous about JS/Adware.Revizer.B?

JS/Adware.Revizer.B is a representative of Adware, not of any kind of malware. This piece can NEVER harm your PC. The programs which are considered really malicious (such as certain Ransomware and Trojan viruses) DO cause some extensive damage to your device because they may encode data, blackmail you for a ransom, redirect funds from your bank accounts, or spy on you by tracking your key strokes, turning on your webcam or recording your online movements. JS/Adware.Revizer.B cannot do anything like that under any circumstances. What it may cause is only much annoyance. Nevertheless, removing it would still be the wisest course of action. And if that’s what you have decided to do, simply follow the instructions in our thorough Removal Guide.

The way we advise you to get bundles installed:

  • When the installer is loaded, you need to thoroughly review all the features available and what they involve. If necessary, you also have to click on the HELP button and read the extra info it provides.
  • Of all the possible options you see, you need to try to find the ones which give you more freedom to manually select which programs/ features are going to be incorporated into your system. Generally, such options give you the great opportunity to reject any possible modifications that could be made to your PC, and especially to your browser apps. Judging by our extensive knowledge and previous experience, the exact features you have to choose are these here: the Customized and/or the Advanced. We sincerely believe they are the safest ones that will provide you with the most control over the installation process.
  • Logically, you have to stay away from the shortcut methods any installer offers. They can be labeled in many ways: Quick, Default, and Easy. Installing software via using them is likely to get you contaminated by ad-broadcasting programs.

The efficient prevention manners:

Adware might not be malicious, but it could indeed be very irritating. Rather than later on having to deal with the ongoing infections, all users need to consider implementing some clever prevention measures. Some of them are purchasing a powerful anti-malware program that could also cope with ad-generating programs; avoiding free shady sources of software; and regularly scanning your PC for all types of threats.


Name JS/Adware.Revizer.B
Type  Adware
Detection Tool

JS/Adware.Revizer.B Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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