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Ensuring the security of your computer is extremely important because you never know when you’re about to come across some malicious software that can cause all sorts of problems. One particular type of malware that is extremely widely spread is the Trojan horse type. These viruses are everywhere and are also some of the most dangerous and harmful software threats that you can encounter. In this specific article, our focus will be on one newly released virus that falls under the Trojan horse category. Its name is Js/injector.a, and here you will learn some essential facts about what it can potentially do and what precautions you’d need to take in order to keep it away from your PC. However, since it is highly likely that you’ve landed on this page because your machine has already been infected by Js/injector.a, we also have a guide for you that will give you several possible methods on how to handle the threat and clean your computer from it. Just remember to read everything prior to the removal manual or you might have problems completing it.

Noticing the symptoms

Undoubtedly, the best way to detect a Trojan horse infection is to have a reliable anti-malware program that gets constantly updated. However, no antivirus software is flawless. That is why, users need to be able to manually spot the signs of a potential malware infection. That way, even if the antivirus fails to detect the threat, they can still take precautions as soon as the signs of the infection are noticed. Here are some common symptoms that are associated with Trojan horse infections. However, an important thing that needs to be said about this particular type of viruses is that oftentimes they might not show any symptoms. Also, most of the infection indications we are about to list can be caused by other issues that have nothing to do with a malware attack. As we already said, a good antivirus is a must, regardless of how vigilant and observant you might be.

  • A decrease in your computer’s productivity can be caused by some Trojans. This is usually due to a higher consumption of CPU time and virtual memory by the virus.
  • Sudden and unexpected system errors or Blue Screen (BSOD) crashes are another symptom commonly associated with Trojans.
  • Though rarely, obnoxious and shady-looking online banners and ads might be caused by a Trojan Horse infection.
  • If you notice that files start to go missing or are getting moved to other places you might want to run a full scan for viruses or check your Task Manager for sketchy processes, because there might be a Trojan in your PC.

Potential uses of typical Trojan horse viruses

A very important aspect of malware of this type is that viruses like Js/injector.a can be used for a very big number of different illegal tasks. These viruses are extremely versatile, which is one of the main reasons why they are so widely used by all sorts of hackers, cyber-criminals, blackmailers, etc. The next short list will present you with some of the most common examples of how a typical Trojan can be used.

  • Espionage and stealing sensitive information – Those two usually go hand in hand – the hacker uses the Trojan to spy on the unsuspecting victim until some valuable and/or sensitive data is acquired. After that, the criminal can use the obtained info to blackmail the targeted user or if the username and password for an online bank account is gained, the user’s money can directly be extracted by the hacker.
  • Data corruption – Another very common use of Trojans is when they directly attack the system of the user’s PC targeting important OS files. The files are either corrupted or deleted and the end result is always the same – the PC becomes unstable, starts to crash and in some cases it might not even be able to boot to Windows.
  • Distributing other viruses – It’s been some time since the rise of a new online threat began, namely, the infamous Ransomware. Since Trojans can also be employed to serve as backdoors into the victim’s PC for other malware, currently this is one of the main methods for infecting computers with Ransomware viruses.
  • “Mining” – On top of everything that we already mentioned, some Trojans can force your machine to use most of its resources for mining bitcoins for the hacker who controls the virus. Unless the virus is removed, your PC will keep on working for the profit of the cyber-criminal.

How to stay safe

All users need to learn how to protect their computers from malicious viruses like Js/injector.a, because it is always better to ensure the safety of your machine compared to having to deal with a nasty Trojan.

  • Never compromise the software protection of your computer. Keep all security updates automatic and always have a dependable antivirus program.
  • Do not allow automatic file downloading on any of your browsers. Make sure that your permission is always needed prior to any file downloads taking place.
  • Visiting and downloading stuff from unreliable websites is a mistake way too many users tend to make which oftentimes results in a malware infection.
  • Another common mistake is opening links or e-mails without taking a moment to see if they look likes spam. If a text message looks suspicious and you think it might be spam, do not open it!


Name Js/injector.a
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Js/injector.a Virus Malware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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