Jstag.js/Uk-ads.openx.net Virus

This page aims to help you remove the Jstag.js/Uk-ads.openx.net “Virus”. These Jstag.js/Uk-ads.openx.net “Virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows. But before we go into the removal guide, do have a look at what exactly it is you are dealing with as well as how to go about preventing a re-infection from occurring.

What is Uk-ads.openx.net?

Jstag.js/Uk-ads.openx.net “Virus” is an adware. According to security experts, adware is very different from virus and should not be mistaken with each other. An adware is a program that is non-malicious and does not cause any harm to the computer in which it resides. On the other hand, a virus is a malicious piece of programming code that will inflict harm onto the computer in which it resides.

The Jstag.jsUk-ads.openx.net Virus

The Jstag.jsUk-ads.openx.net “Virus”

As an adware, this program is able to integrate itself with your browser. This integration can be observed as a new search toolbar appearing. With this integration, the program is able to track all your browsing patterns, history, favourites and bookmarks. After collecting the information, this program will then generate convincing, realistic and tempting ads that are catered to your preferences. These ads may appear as a banner, pop-up ads or boxes or even as a separate window. They will feature coupons, deals or even a lottery win. Basically, they will do all that is possible to attract your attention and get you to click on the ads.

Ads, generally, are not problematic per se. However, with Jstag.js/Uk-ads.openx.net “Virus”, your experience with ads will take on a whole new level. This program is notoriously resilient, aggressive and stubborn to remove. With this adware, you will experience feelings of anxiety, anger, exasperation, frustration and even an increased level of stress. This is especially so at a time when you are focusing on something important and urgent. Imagine that at such a time, you are constantly being distracted and waylaid from accessing the pages that you want, by the ceaseless appearance of ads and the feelings that you would experience at such a time. And, bear in mind that this will not be a one-off affair. The interference of ads will be on-going and never-ending. Oh, the despair! But fret not, as soon, we will walk you through the removal process.

What are the ads for?

Regardless of the message that the ads display, always bear in mind to not click on them. The ads are created by the program, to tempt you into clicking on them and no good thing will come out of it. If you do happen to click on the ads, you will be directed a page that might be one of the following:

  1. The page doubles up as a portal for other adware to access and enter your computer
  2. The page prompts the download of a certain program. Such programs tend to be full of security loopholes and will poses as a serious form of security threat in the future
  3. The page is one of the third-party’s pay-per-click sites that will allow the creators to earn some money when people, like you and I, access it.
  4. The page is one of the pages that you frequently visit and/or one that you had visited in the recent past

As you can see, none of the possible outcomes is particularly attractive, but instead, can even be potentially dangerous to your computer’s security. Therefore, refrain from clicking on the ads.

How did you get infected with Jstag.js/Uk-ads.openx.net “Virus”?

One of the common and frequently used method of transmission is bundling. Through this process, this adware is being tied together with another more popular program. This combination is then made available for download as a set. Usually, such program downloads are the sort that are free and illegal.

If you suspect that this is how you had gotten infection in the first place, do not despair. You can still engage in such activities without being infected if you practise due diligence during the installation process. This adware is unable to function if it has not been installed onto your computer.

During the installation process, you should choose the “Custom Installation” option rather than the “Automatic Installation” option. At the “Custom Installation”, you will be privy to the list of files that will be installed onto your computer. Exercise caution and attentiveness at this stage. You should look carefully through this list and make sure to uncheck any files whose name appears to be bizarre, dubious, weird, and questionable to you. Also, check through the “Advanced Settings”, if there is one, to make sure that no files are hidden within before proceeding with the rest of the installation process.


Name Jstag.js from Uk-ads.openx.net
Type  Adware
Detection Tool

Jstag.js/Uk-ads.openx.net Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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