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This page aims to help you remove Kissanime “Virus”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

The paragraphs you are about to look at are focused on Kissanime “Virus”. This program is a version of ad-generating software, the only real purpose of which is to produce pop-up ads on your monitor; to redirect you to various websites and to set absolutely unfamiliar homepages and search engines to your browser apps. The programs that fall into this software category are called browser hijackers. Another thing that is common for all of them is to attack all your browser apps (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer) and change their behavior in the aforementioned ways. You are going to find more useful information about this kind of software in the text below.

Does kissanime have a virus?

No, the real website is not a virus. However you may suffer from some website redirects indicating a problem within your system! All the programs that are considered hijackers have been developed to serve as advertising helpers. In fact, these ad-generating products have this mere purpose ONLY: the broadcast of a considerable number of pop-ups, tabs and banners; and the promotion of diverse search engines and browser homepages. The people, interested in spreading this kind of programs are the manufacturers of the advertised goods; the providers of the services that hijackers promote; as well as the developers of these sometimes annoying and unwanted software. The people from the first two groups are normally the ones who pay the people from the latter to develop the most effective advertising piece (the ones generating the greatest number of pop-ups and causing the biggest number of redirections are regarded as such). It is largely thought that in this way some of the advertised products might be bought by the people who witness their advertisements regularly; and their producers will make a lot of money. As you can notice, all the parties involved in this ‘pay per click’ scheme in fact benefit from it to some extent.

How does Kissanime “Virus” get distributed?

In most of the cases we know about you are likely to come across such hijackers as components of a contaminated website or a torrent, or as parts of a movie/video-sharing online platform. Consequently, once you visit or load any of them, you might ‘be granted with’ the hijacker there as well. But it is also very common for Kissanime “Virus” and similar programs to be lurking inside software bundles, which you could be tempted to install yourself on your PC.

What does a bundle actually stand for?

What we call bundles are free software combos that are spread for free, and which might include games, programs, apps and hijackers.Normally, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to such software mixtures. However, the ad-producing programs inside them may make them a little more suspicious. Please always keep in mind that these bundles might contain some more than fascinating programs and apps and you ARE ABLE TO use them free of charge, without catching the probable hijacker inside them. Simply make sure that you follow this basic advice:
No matter what you install on your PC, ensure that you choose the Advanced {or the Custom} installer feature. In this way, each detail about the bundle you are installing is going to be shown and you will definitely see which programs exactly you really need on your device; and which ones you had better leave not installed.

In spite the rather confusing way of distribution, Kissanime “Virus” is not malicious because:

Despite the common misunderstanding, no browser hijacker is anyhow similar to any form of a dangerous virus. Because of their suspicious features, hijackers have been considered ‘potentially unwanted’. However, browser hijackers have never been seen as viruses and there is a reason for that – they do differ from the common malware types you may catch while surfing the Internet. For example, Ransomware and Trojans as the most awful malware types are able to:

  • invade your system without your knowledge and permission;
  • use a program or a system vulnerability of your device or your naiveté as a backdoor.

Following the infection – some of their most dangerous virus effects include deleting your files or corrupting them; encrypting data and demanding a ransom in exchange for it; tracking all your online activities; getting access to and draining your bank deposits online; as well as hacking your social media accounts. On the contrary, a program like Kissanime “Virus” has never been capable of performing such monstrous deeds.

To remove Kissanime “Virus” successfully, scroll down and check out the Removal Guide we have created and follow the instructions it includes.

Name Kissanime 
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Kissanime “Virus” Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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