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This page aims to help you remove Kotver Malware. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

Trojan horse viruses represent the most common cyber threats on the web. In fact, they are the most widely-spread viruses you might come across on the Internet. Their characteristic features and distribution sources can vary a lot. This is the reason why this article is here – to inform you about the potential effects that may result from a contamination with a specific Trojan horse virus – Kotver Malware.

When you are experiencing a Trojan-caused infection, there are a few things that you should always remember. The infamous Trojans are a malware category that includes lots of viruses with differing functions. What makes them a family is the way they infect and cause some harm to you and/ or your OS. Typically, all their activities might go totally unnoticed. Usually, the victim users find out an infection has taken place only after the virus program has already damaged their PCs in a way. Obviously, we do suggest that you regularly check your PC for malicious programs. New and unknown viruses come up on a daily basis, and your particular anti-malware tool may not have them all in its database. Furthermore, keep in mind that a functional anti-malware program is the frequently updated one. Keeping this program up-to-date on is more than sincerely recommended.

The reason why these malicious programs are called Trojans:

We have already talked about the usual way of behaving of all Trojans in the paragraph above. They invade your PC subtly, and later simply lurk there silently, while waiting for the best time to carry out all the malicious activities they could have been sent to. The way they act has reminded programmers of the way the wooden horse from the popular story about the Trojan War. We have all heard that the people in Troy thought this horse was not really dangerous at first and they considered it a gift. After that, though, the Greek soldiers inside it left it and conquered the city-state of Troy.

What might possibly go wrong because of an infection with Kotver Malware?

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of getting infected by any Trojan is the uncertainty of such contamination. You cannot really tell what the real goal of Kotver Malware is, before this malicious software has achieved its often illegal and damaging purposes. Here in this article we have tried to discuss the typical usages of Kotver Malware and Trojans in general. However, do keep in mind that this list can’t include all the possible ways that these viruses may be used in, just the most common ones.

  • Hackers could just be enjoying themselves: Indeed, this might be the real purpose of the virus. Some of the hackers may be willing to design and spread malware as a way of having fun and checking how far their own creativity and programming skills can really go. This  is neither acceptable, nor harmless. Nonetheless, you can never know what exactly these scammers have done to you and your PC.
  • Solely for destruction purposes: Many criminals may simply want to crash some devices and destroy some data. No info or money is really demanded from you. The criminals who stand behind Kotver Malware could just delete the content of your storage spaces; alter some data; or totally destroy your device.
  • Stealing essential info and details (sometimes even your identity could be in danger): This exact possibility is really one of the most horrifying ones. Such malicious programs, Kotver Malware also among them, may be exploited, and normally indeed ARE, for accessing some sensitive personal details. Lots of hackers need access to the victim’s social media or banking accounts for the purpose of doing something against the law. 
  • Sneaking other hazardous viruses in: Normally, Trojan viruses are used for distributing other malware versions, particularly Ransomware. The rest is obvious, as people often tend to say – Ransomware is the threat you don’t want to come across… ever, as it could result in the loss of your most essential files.

Online sources likely to spread viruses such as Kotver Malware:

Once again, there are many different options. Here come the most common ones:

  • Fake ads (pop-ups and banners produced by suspicious web pages mainly);
  • Torrents, videos, shareware and illegally-spread software, and also- all the web platforms which distribute them;
  • Some of the emails you receive on a daily basis, and some of their attachments, also; 

How to remove the Kotver Malware-inflicted infection:

Strictly stick to the steps in our special Removal Guide just below the table.


Name Kotver
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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Kotver Malware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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