Kronos Virus

This page aims to help you remove Kronos Banking Malware. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

The Kronos Virus

The article that you landed on contains some very useful information about the effective removal of the Kronos Virus. The Kronos Virus is the name of a new threat from the Trojan horse type, which has recently been reported by a number of web users.

Kronos Virus

The Kronos Virus is capable of stealing banking credentials

Some of the victims have reached our “How to remove” team with a call for help, that’s why, in the next lines, we are going to offer them a free removal guide with step-by-step instructions. Before that, however, it is good to learn a bit more about the characteristics of this Trojan, for this reason, in the paragraphs that follow, we are going to share some of the typical behavioral traits of Kronos Banking Malware, its infection methods and possible protection measures that can keep such malware away from the PC in the future.

Kronos Banking Malware

It is tough to say where exactly Kronos Banking Malware may be hidden. Kronos Banking Malware usually hides so well, that it is very difficult for web users to distinguish it from normal non-harmful content.

Typically, as Trojan transmitters, the hackers use mostly intriguing emails with malicious attachments, fake ads or offers, pop-ups and interesting links, shares on social media platforms or some legitimate looking software updates and installers.

If you ask any security expert, which is the most hazardous type of malware, probably he will tell you that there are not many threats that can match the cunning nature of the Trojans. These malicious pieces are named after the infamous Trojan horse that won the victory of the Greeks over Troy in the so-called Trojan War described in the Iliad. And there is a good reason for them having this name – Trojans basically apply the same tricky method of attack as the wooden horse. They camouflage as seemingly harmless and even interesting pieces of software, ads, links, offers, emails or attachments and trick users into clicking on them without knowing that in fact, they are inserting a notorious threat into their system. Every weak point in your system is an open invitation for infections like Kronos Banking Malware to sneak inside it undetected and attack you when you least expect it. What is worse is that you never know what type of harm they may cause.

Why are Trojans the perfect tools for cyber attacks?

Cyber criminals have a special affection towards Trojans like Kronos Banking Malware because these malicious pieces of software can serve them in a number of ways. Such threats can be programmed to perform specific tasks, according to the hackers’ needs and criminal purposes. Therefore, if you don’t remove the malware and all of its related scripts in time, some of the following negative results may happen to you:

  • The files on your computer may get corrupted or totally deleted – An infection with a Trojan may lead to complete deletion of the data, found on the hard drives, corruption of software and vital system files.
  • Your system may get entirely corrupted – Sometimes, either for fur or with other malicious intentions, the hackers may use the Trojan to entirely damage the infected system. In such a case, the computer may become unusable and reinstallation may be needed.
  • The hackers may use your PC’s resources for criminal deeds – A Trojan script can turn the infected machine into a total zombie, providing full unauthorized access to all of its resources. This way, the hackers can turn it into a Bot and use it in Botnets to spread malware and spam.
  • Your identity and your money may be compromised – Very often, criminals may use a Trojan to steal some details about your identity, online profiles, passwords, banking details, credit or debit card numbers and other sensitive information. If you don’t remove the threat, you may find your bank accounts drained or your identity and profiles stolen by the hackers.

Where is Kronos Banking Malware usually distributed and how can you protect your PC from it?

In most of the cases, infections like Kronos Banking Malware may come in a combo with a Ransomware virus and attack the user’s system in a stealthy way. That’s why it is very important for you to be selective with the content you click on and stick only to web locations you trust. What is more important, however, is to provide optimal protection for your computer with a reputed antivirus program and the recommended OS security updates. This way, you can significantly reduce the chance of Trojans and other malware exploiting any system vulnerabilities and infecting you without knowing it.

Ways to remove Kronos Banking Malware

To remove this Trojan horse, we advise you to closely follow the instructions in the guide below. For optimal results, use the specialized Kronos Banking Malware removal tool to eliminate all the possible traces, which may be hidden deep inside your system.


Name Kronos Virus
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Kronos Banking Malware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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