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This page aims to help you remove Kyubey.exe Virus. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Recently, there has been a big number of complaints from users that have had their browser and Internet settings altered by some sketchy piece of software that didn’t even ask for permission to implement the changes. The most common of the said changes are a replaced homepage, new toolbar/ search engine added to the user’s Chrome, Firefox or IE browser and also frequent redirects to other pages. If you are currently reading this, then you are most likely dealing with the same type of issues and are trying to find a way to bring things back to normal. As we already mentioned, the usual reason for those unpleasant changes to the browser is some kind of an unwanted software. Generally, programs that tend to mess with people’s browser and/or Internet settings are referred to as Browser Hijackers. One recently released application that has been reported to posses traits similar to those of most Hijackers is Kyubey.exe Virus and today, our article’s focus will revolve around this particular potentially unwanted program.


It is no secret that the online marketing industry is huge right now and it should be quite obvious that a lot of people would be trying to exploit that. This is what has lead to the creation of Browser Hijackers – programs that have the sole purpose of earning income for their creators through a number of different Internet advertising techniques. While they are not actual viruses such as Ransomware or Trojan horses, programs of the Hijacker type can still be incredibly unpleasant. The aggressive advertising methods that they usually employ in combination with the fact that there’s usually little to no actual benefit for the users themselves leads most people to regard them as unwanted. Since you too probably want to get rid of Kyubey.exe Virus as soon as possible, we’ve prepared a removal manual that contains instructions on how to remove the irritating piece of software and how to bring everything back to normal, the way it had been before the Hijacker was installed.

Shady traits of most Hijackers

There are certainly far more problematic programs than Kyubey.exe Virus. A quick example would be real viruses like Trojan horses or Ransomware. However, there are still a number of issues that one might encounter with a Hijacker program apart from what was mentioned already in the previous two paragraphs.

  • The changes to your browser are not the only aggressive marketing method that Browser Hijackers are known for. Apart from heavily modifying your browser, Kyubey.exe Virus might also try to fill it with all sorts of irritating and frustrating banners, pop-ups, box messages, etc. In some cases those might serve as a redirect to websites that are potentially dangerous which is why we strongly advise you to avoid interacting with any advertising materials generated by the Hijacker.
  • A particularly unpleasant characteristic of many Hijacker programs is their ability to extract personal information directly from the browser’s history. The data obtained that way has high marketing value and can be (and oftentimes is) sold to third-parties.
  • We must also mention that some Hijackers might also mess with your computer’s Registry. This, too, is done for the purposes of aggressive online marketing, but it could also make your PC vulnerable and exposed to all sorts of hazards coming from the Internet.

How can Hijackers be stopped?

If you want to have a safer PC that is less likely to get invaded by some shady Browser Hijacker, make sure to read and remember the next several security tips and guidelines.

  • Unwanted programs like Kyubey.exe Virus are commonly distributed via sketchy websites that have a lot of obscure banners within their pages and that frequently redirect you to other addresses. If you are to keep your computer safe and well-protected, you should certainly avoid this type of sites.
  • Spam is another very popular method for spreading Browser Hijackers. The unpleasant software might be send to you as an e-mail attachment, as a download link within a Facebook/Skype message or as some other form of online spam. The bottom line is, be very cautious if some shady message is sent to you and if you cannot tell for sure whether it is safe, it’s better to stay away from it.
  • Many browsers have some sort of option that allows them to download files automatically. This is generally considered convenient but it could also lead to you downloading some shady piece of software. If you want to be extra safe, make sure that your browser isn’t allowed to download anything without first asking you for permission.
  • Most people rush through the setup wizard of a program they want to install without paying too much attention to the details of the installation menu. This is a big mistake that oftentimes results in the installation of applications such as Kyubey.exe Virus. You must make sure that you always check the setup menu in order to figure out whether there’s anything added. Should you notice that there are indeed bundled installs, you must look them up and figure out if they aren’t potentially unwanted. If any of the added applications looks suspicious, you should most definitely uncheck it prior to launching the installation.



Name Kyubey.exe 
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Kyubey.exe Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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