Loginhelper.co is a form of rogue software disguised as a Mac browser extension. The main purpose of Loginhelper.co is to provide exposure to the sites of its business partners by forcing the browsers it’s installed on to automatically redirect to said sites.


The Loginhelper.co Virus will redirect your searches

In order to do its job better, most apps like this one have the ability to add helper elements to the infected browsers. Those could be custom search engines, or new homepages and toolbar buttons. It’s oftentimes claimed that those new elements would somehow improve the user’s browsing experience but the truth is that they are only there to help the hijacker do its page-redirecting job more effectively. The described effects could be observed in any browser compatible with Mac. Popular ones like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are obviously the ones that get hit by this type of apps most frequently. If you are in need of help for the removal of this invasive app from your Mac, be sure to finish reading this article and then head down to the removal instructions we have posted ad the bottom of this page.

Loginhelper.co for Mac

Loginhelper.co for Mac is highly-aggressive advertising software that will forcefully install new elements in your browser in order to spam your screen with advertising content. Loginhelper.co for Mac earns revenue based on how many users get redirected to the partnering sites of this app.

This is what defines the invasive behaviour of this app and it is the main reason why your browser would constantly get bombarded by various forms of page-redirect links, pop-ups, banners, and other annoying forms of online advertisement. The main problem with this, however, isn’t the irritation caused by the ads but the possibility of getting rerouted to some hazardous web address such as a disguised phishing page or a site that has threats like Trojans, Spyware, or Ransomware uploaded to its pages.

What is Loginhelper.co?

Loginhelper.co is an undesirable tool for online advertisement labeled as a browser hijacker that is disguised as a Mac browser extension. Once installed, Loginhelper.co will forcefully add new elements to the browser that will trigger automatic page-redirects and ad generation.

If kept for too long inside the computer, this browser hijacker may cause certain safety-related problems due to the fact that its presence in the browser is likely to weaken the overall security of the system. This means that there could be vulnerabilities in your Mac while the hijacker is there, which is why we strongly advise uninstalling the unwanted app before it exposes you to a threat such as a Trojan, a Spyware, or a Ransomware virus.

The Loginhelper.co app

The Loginhelper.co app is an aggressive ad-generating tool that infects the browser and introduces changes to its settings to help it conduct its advertising activities more effectively. The Loginhelper.co app isn’t programmed to damage the system but it may expose it to harmful threats.

Hopefully, with our help in the form of the removal guide below, you should be able to clean your browser by removing the hijacker and uninstalling the changes that it has imposed on your browsing program.


Name Loginhelper.co
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Loginhelper.co Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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