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What is Lookup Share?

Lookup Share is an unwanted macOS software that tampers with the search engine and the homepage of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Lookup Share will also introduce a page-redirecting service to the infected browser. It can be found under the file name Lookup Share.app

Lookup Share

The Lookup Share App will display pop up windows and messages

Every mac user know how irritating online ads could be – nowadays they seem to be everywhere and tend to show up on most sites, flooding your screen with obstructive banners, pop-ups, box messages and even redirects to random pages. However, there’s little one could do about such site-generated ads. The only two options you have in such a case are to either avoid the sites that display the advertising materials or get an ad-blocker which would at least partially reduce the amount of marketing content that gets displayed on your browser. However, there is a type of browser adverts that do not come from any site and therefore the aforementioned methods would be ineffective for stopping them. We are talking about ads generated by browser hijackers like Lookup Share. Those are apps that can automatically change the search engine or homepage of your browser (Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.) as well as trigger the generation of various form of advertising materials that would show on your screen whenever you try to use your browser irrespective of what page you would go to. In such a case, obviously, it wouldn’t matter what site you are visiting or if you have an ad-blocker installed, the ads would still be there and what’s even worse – your browser would be modified without your permission. Usually, the only effective way of handling such a situation and preventing further irritation from the hijacker software would be to remove it from your mac. This, however, might not be as easy as simply uninstalling any other program from your mac.

Lookup Share is on Mac

Lookup Share for Mac is a browser hijacker software – a type of program that introduces unauthorized changes in the browser. Lookup Share for Mac will place a new search engine, alter the homepage address, and redirect the user to advertising sites.

Although hijackers aren’t some nasty and dangerous Trojan Horses or Ransomware viruses, they are still somewhat tricky to remove if you don’t know where to look for them on your mac. For example, there might not be an installation entry for the hijacker from the list of installed programs in your Control Panel. In other cases, even if there is an entry for the hijacker there and you manage to uninstall it, the unwanted application would still likely stay on your mac. Because of this and because many users have recently complained about Lookup Share and its ability to mess with their browsers, we have made sure to provide our readers with a reliable and easy-to-follow way of dealing with the pesky hijacker. To learn how to get rid of the intrusive application, just visit our removal guide posted down below and follow the steps in it. If you need any additional help, you can always try out the recommended software security tool from the guide or directly ask us for our assistance by using the comments section.

Is Lookup Share a Virus?

Lookup Share is potentially unwanted software for Mac systems known for targeting the web browser. Lookup Share hijacks the main browser in the system, imposing its own custom search engine tool, and placing a new homepage. Most of our quarries are related to Lookup Share Virus or Lookup Share virus because of its deceiving nature.

Browser hijackers (also known as browser page-redirects) aren’t all that dangerous as such apps are unlikely to directly harm anything on your mac. Because of that, they are normally not categorized as viruses or malware. In fact, apps like Lookup Share (Premium Forward, Pronto App) are typically legal and a lot of them even have official sites from where users could download them. However, again, having a hijacker on your mac could be quite irritating due to the aggressive advertising that such applications tend to conduct. Of course, the whole purpose of this advertising is earning money by promoting different products such as sites, other apps and software program, web stores, various services, etc. The problem is that the end-user doesn’t really gain anything from that. Sure, certain offers might actually be interesting and appealing but this is really not enough to compensate for the otherwise extremely intrusive behavior of hijackers like Lookup Share. 

Aside from being extremely irritating at times, browser redirecting software might also indirectly expose your system to danger. Again, Lookup Share isn’t some Trojan or Ransomware virus but if you click on its ads, you might land on some sketchy and unreliable page that might represent a security hazard for your system so you’d better stay away from anything coming from Lookup Share or any other similar software

The Lookup Share App

Lookup Share is an app that is categorized as a macOS browser hijacker. The Lookup Share app infects the main browser and changes some of its components – the search engine service, the toolbar buttons, the new-tab page address, etc.

There are many ways for distributing hijackers – spam messages, malvertising adverts, torrents, pirated software downloadables and many more. However, the method that most users seem to fall for is the file-bundling where the pesky software is included in the installer of some freeware program. If you attempt to install that program with the Quick setup configuration, all added/bundled applications would likely get also installed along the main software by default (including the hijacker). Preventing this from happening is actually quite easy – just use the Custom/Advance setup options where you can see what’s been bundled with the main program and opt-out of the installation of anything that might not seem reliable or wanted. After doing so, you should be good to continue and launch the installation process of the program that you want without the added apps.

Name Lookup Share
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

anti-malware offerOFFER *Free Remover allows you, subject to a 48-hour waiting period, one remediation and removal for results found. SpyHunter's EULA, Privacy Policy, and more details about Free Remover.

Remove Lookup Share Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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