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This page aims to help you remove Lsmo.exe. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

There is hardly anyone out there, who hasn’t heard of Trojan horse viruses. These are the most notorious of all computer viruses out there and with good reason, too. If you’ve been infected by one of their most recently released variants, namely Lsmo.exe, then you’d best stick around to find out as much as possible about this dangerous threat. What’s more, after we have provided you with all the necessary information regarding what potential damage this virus may cause you, as well as the ways, in which you may get infected by it, we will also give you a set of removal instructions to help you successfully locate and delete all the files related to this malware piece. Just be sure to thoroughly read through the following article, as the information presented here may prove helpful in protecting your system from future attacks.

What can Trojans do and what makes them so notoriously dangerous?

Trojan horse viruses of Lsmo.exe are capable of executing a large number of different malicious tasks, which is what has made them the world’s most numerous malware group. A whopping 75-80% of all malware infections out there are actually caused by Trojans – that’s how popular they are with hackers and cyber criminals. But what exactly is Lsmo.exe up to on your machine? Unfortunately, there’s no way to say for certain, until the deed has actually been done. But you’re not going to allow it to stick around for that long anyway. We can, however, give you an example of some of the most common usages of Trojans, so you know what type of bullet you may well have dodged.

  • Malicious programs of this type are often used to steal all kinds of information from the infected computers. From monitoring your keystrokes to see what you type with the help of your keyboard to literally just copying valuable files from your PC and sending them over to the hackers. They can even be as sophisticated as to redirect your entire traffic to hacker servers, meaning every correspondence and every transaction you make will go through the eyes and hands of the criminals.
  • Trojans can also often be exploited as backdoor viruses for other types of malware, most commonly ransomware. Because Trojans are usually very sneaky and particularly well known for their stealth, they are able to download the other malware, often without being noticed at all.
  • Another possible reason why your computer may have ended up infected with Lsmo.exe is that the hackers are after its resources. Now these can also be exploited for a number of different reasons, like for example crypto currency mining. Your PC can be mining bitcoins without you knowing it and it can be sending them back to the hackers, at the expense of your electricity bills. Another possibility involves botnets and having your computer send out spam messages or infect other computers in its network.
  • Without going any further into too much detail we can mention one last potential usage and that’s spying on you. It can be done for whatever reason, but the bottom line is that personal and professional information that is not meant for the public eye can become known to some cyber stalkers. Your conversations can be recorded, you can be watched remotely and everything you do online and offline may be closely monitored. As sickening as it sounds, this risk very real.

Now that you know exactly why these programs are so malicious and why keeping them on your computer is so dangerous, it’s important that you also know the mechanisms they use to infect users. Some of the most common distribution tactics still involve spam emails and infected messages on other platforms, like social media. If you receive a sketchy message that’s asking you to open an attached file or follow a link under whatever pretext, don’t do it! Alternatively, you could have also landed Lsmo.exe from some compromised webpage or downloaded it from an illegal website, thinking you’re downloading a movie, song or similar piece of content. Always be sure to have a working, reliable antivirus program and also be mindful of the online locations you visit. Don’t use untrustworthy download sources and try to avoid clicking on online ads, as those can also have potentially been compromised by hackers and converted into malicious transmitters.


Name Lsmo.exe
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Lsmo.exe Virus Removal

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