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Main Ready

Main Ready is what most experts recognize as your typical browser hijacking application. This means that Main Ready can gain control over your browser by means of altering some of its settings.

Main Ready

The Main Ready Mac App Virus

Usually these settings have to do with the installation of ad-generating components within the main browsing program on your Mac. And for the most part, this can be any browser from Chrome to Safari, Firefox and beyond. This is why as soon as Main Ready becomes integrated in your system, you will start seeing large quantities of online ads during browsing sessions: popups, banners, box messages, etc.

Furthermore, Main Ready may also affect other browser settings, such as your default search engine, for example. The hijacker may also replace your browser’s homepage with a new one. And this is done usually when the browser hijacker is tasked with promoting certain web addresses and boosting their traffic count. For this same purpose, it’s not unusual for software of this kind to impose page redirects on you at seemingly random instances during your browsing sessions.

All of the above is more than enough reason for you to want to remove Main Ready from your PC. But there’s actually more – and we will cover that in the below paragraphs. But if you would like to remove Main Ready from your Mac, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. On this page you will also find our detailed manual removal guide.

Main Ready for Mac

Main Ready for Mac is a browser hijacker and it acts as an online advertising tool for browsers. The developers of software such as Main Ready for Mac tend to make money from the paid advertisements displayed on your screen.

And in the name of generating more profit, software of this kind tends to employ various questionable tactics. For example, since most commonly the remuneration system is based on Pay Per Click or similar schemes, you will notice that the ads are positioned exceptionally aggressively on your screen so you have no choice but to click on them. In addition, software like this may be quietly monitoring and recording your browsing patterns so as to customize the generated ads and make them more appealing to you personally.

What is Main Ready?

Many users worry that Main Ready may be a virus or some type of malware. Main Ready is not malicious and won’t cause any direct damage to your Mac computer.

However, software of this kind is associated with malware and viruses in that it may indirectly contribute to the exposure of your device to infected web locations or harmful content. That way you run the risk of falling victim to dangerous malicious code such as ransomware and others.

The MainReady app

The MainReady app is typically distributed in software packages that are available for free download on different file-sharing platforms. Hence, you likely installed the MainReady app alongside a different program.

This technique is known as program bundling and is a legitimate means of distributing additional supplementary software pieces along one main install.


Name Main Ready
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Main Ready Virus

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