Malware Detected iPhone

Malware Detected

Malware Detected is an undesirable iPhone application that generates obstructive banner and pop-ups and may redirect your Safari browser to unfamiliar websites. Experts have labeled Malware Detected as a browser hijacker that takes over the browser of the phone it’s installed on and uses it for advertising purposes.

Malware Detected

The Malware Detected Pop up on iPhone

Malware Detected on iPhone

Normally, people get Malware Detected after they install some obscure low-quality app on their iPhone that comes from an unreliable source and developer. In most cases, such apps as Malware Detected aren’t allowed in Apple’s App Store, yet it is not impossible for a hijacker to still end up getting uploaded to the Store.

Therefore, it is important to always be mindful of what you download and make sure to read the reviews of each separate app even if you are about to download it from the App Store.

Apple Security Malware Detected

People generally aren’t notified about the installation of browser hijackers like Apple Security Malware Detected because these unwanted software components are distributed as built-in elements added to other apps. This means that downloading the app that has the Apple Security Malware Detected attached to it would directly result in the installation of the hijacker without your knowledge.

And you will likely found about it by noticing changes made to your browser, such as the replaced homepage and/or default search engine.

If you currently have Malware Detected on your iPhone, it is recommended to remove it at the earliest opportunity. Apps like this one are known for acquiring all sorts of permissions on the device they are installed and this allows them to gather different information about you and your device as well as make various changes and execute unwanted processes. In some of the most severe instances, a hijacker’s presence in the device could lead to virus infections with Trojans, Spyware, or Ransomware. Therefore, you should take action as soon as possible and uninstall Malware Detected using the removal guide we offer below. 


Name Malware Detected
Type Browser Hijacker

Remove Malware Detected on iPhone

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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