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This page aims to help you remove Maps Voyage Ads. Our uninstall instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Maps Voyage is a legitimate tool that claims to provide enhanced navigation services once it becomes part of your browser. This program can integrate with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other popular browsers and usually installs a toolbar or some new homepage in your default browser. At first glance, the app may look like a useful tool for people who are seeking to optimize their browsing experience, but because of some rather unexpected and unauthorized modifications in the computer, and more precisely in the affected browser, Maps Voyage is not receiving positive comments on online forums. Some users even call this browser-helper a virus. However, if we really have to categorize it based on its behavior, we would rather call it adware because its presence in the computer often increases the amount of online ads, pop-ups, banners and new tabs that get displayed on the users’ screens through the affected browser. You can land this program accidentally when you install free software on your computer. But how can you remove it? This is what we are going to cover in the next lines, so stay with us to find out more. There is a detailed removal guide at the end of this page, but let us first tell you a few more words about this adware so you will know how to correctly uninstall all of its components.

What does Maps Voyage Ads do on your computer?

If you find Maps Voyage on your computer, do not worry, it is not some sort of malware similar to Trojans, Ransomware or the other nasty viruses. In fact, you can remove it from the system fairly easily, without the need of professional help. Still, some instructions may be needed because, as typical adware, this program installs its ad-generating components deep inside the system and you may find it difficult to detect them without a proper removal guide. Fortunately, on this page, you have everything you need to locate and remove all of its components. You only need to carefully follow the steps shown below. If you need some good reasons to consider uninstalling this adware, let us tell you what you may expect if you keep it for too long on your PC.

When Maps Voyage is installed, it not only hangs at the top of the browser window but also may change its settings, replace the default search engine or place a new homepage. Browsing the web through the newly modified browser may often redirect you to some aggressive commercial sites full of ads, pop-ups and nagging blinking banners. Also, every time you open your browser you may notice an uncommon amount of sponsored content and search suggestions. This isn’t so bad, and may even be useful if, for example, you are looking to buy some new clothes. However, it can be really annoying when you’re looking for something really serious or trying to find the most reliable information about the subject of your search. In such case, you may have to constantly deal with a stream of popping ads that may frequently interrupt your normal web browsing and prompt you to click on various sketchy commercials. To stop the disturbance there is one permanent solution and that is to remove Maps Voyage along with the related search engine, toolbar, and homepage from your device.

Suspicious methods of distribution of adware!

Unlike Trojans, Ransomware, and other viruses, most legitimate adware programs have their own official web pages from where they can be downloaded. Various ads, free download links, and pop-ups may prompt users to click on them in order to land them on these pages and make them download and install the adware. However, the chance of somebody installing adware deliberately is very minimal. That’s why the developers of such software often use tricky distribution techniques such as software bundling or free installation packages. Grouped with some free and attractive programs, pieces like Maps Voyage are commonly downloaded and installed without the users’ consent. This, however, can be avoided in several ways:

  • By avoiding downloading free software from unreliable web pages
  • Scanning downloaded software packages with antivirus software before opening them
  • By carefully reading the EULA
  • By installing software through the Custom/Advanced Installer settings

How to safely detect and uninstall Maps Voyage from your PC?

You can remove Maps Voyage manually or automatically. Automatic removal is an ideal option for people who do not have enough time. The professional removal tool will detect the related adware toolbars, ad-generating components and imposed homepages and will remove them from your device in a few minutes. Still, this program is not a virus, so in some cases the security software may not detect it. In this case, you can remove the adware manually. Remember, you must carefully follow the instructions in the guide below and be very precise when performing the manual removal method.


Name Maps Voyage
Type Adware
Detection Tool

How to Uninstall Maps Voyage Ads

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You can find the removal guide here.


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