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We hate to break it to you, but if you’ve come in contact with Kazy , then you are among the millions of users that are infected by this horrible plague that are the Trojan Horses. Yes, Kazy is a Trojan – one in an enormous army of Trojans that roam the Internet, targeting unsuspecting victims every day. The reason why they are so numerous is because of the incredible variety of tasks they can perform, which makes them the beloved weapon of hackers worldwide. They’re also among the sneakiest pieces of malware invented, which is also a really great benefit for the hackers using them. Trojans are notoriously difficult (sometimes even impossible) to detect, which makes them an invaluable asset in the cyber-criminal starter pack.

They are named after the famous Greek legend, featuring a giant wooden horse, which was used by the Ancient Greeks to invade Troy. If you remember the story, the horse was secretly harboring soldiers and was presented as a gift, before being rolled inside through the city gates. After this, the soldiers sprung out and took over the city. This is precisely how Trojans work in computing and the analogy is pretty ingenious. Below is a guide that will help you remove Kazy , but before that we’d like to give you some more insight into the malicious world of the Trojan horse virus.

Ways they’re used

Many. That would be the most accurate way of putting it, if you needed one word to describe the applications of this type of malware. They range from purely destructive, to money-related criminal activity, to computer high jacking and beyond. Here are some examples of the main Trojan uses:

  • The most brutal things Trojans could be programmed to do is to simply destroy your data. This could be done through disk formatting, or data corruption; perhaps they could cause system errors and crash your PC.
  • You would be surprised to find out how many elaborate mechanisms have been designed in order to spy on you and the scale of spying will downright blow you away. Nothing is too low in this branch: keystroke logging, webcam hacking (meaning you can be spied on through your own webcam), monitoring your screen, remote computer controlling. All of this is in order to collect your personal data, which can be sold, and your login details for online banking and other money-related information.
  • Use of resources/identity. It’s not uncommon that your computer might be turned into a bot and used remotely to fulfil various tasks. These could range from infecting other computers in the same network, to distributing spam, to being used as proxy for other illegal activities, like attacking more computers, for example. Your machine could also be used to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • You might already be familiar with the term ransomware. This type of software goes hand in hand with Trojans like Kazy and often uses it as a gateway to your system. The sole purpose of ransomware (and the Trojan that ‘invited’ it in) is to extort money from you by means of either encrypting your files or scaring into believing so.

Please note that in nearly all of these cases you will probably have literally no idea of the things taking place on your machine at the hands of the web’s stealthiest criminal software. It’s no wonder that it makes up a whopping 80% of all malware out there.

How to protect yourself from Kazy

Though this has been repeated time and time again, the need for this repetition never seems to subside. These here are several easy to follow techniques that will make the difference between a safe and care-free browsing experience and a complete nightmare. We urge users to abide to these basic security measures, because they can save a great deal of trouble in the future.

Firstly, you must always have a good, proven antivirus program, preferably one with a browser extension. Run virus checks regularly to make sure nothing unpleasant has managed to sneak onto your computer. You should also remember to stay away from shady websites like open-source download sites that tend to resemble virus breeding grounds. Obviously, you shouldn’t download content from sites like that either, because program bundling is among the most often used distribution methods for Trojans and other malware. Finally, always be cautious around spam emails and emails from unknown sources that might have attachments or hyperlinks in them.


Name Kazy
Type Trojan horse
Detection Tool

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Remove Kazy

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You can find the removal guide here.

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