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This page aims to help you remove MicTray64.exe virus . Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

The legendary Trojan horse is not just a myth from Greek mythology. It exists even now, in the modern world, in the form of a very malicious computer program that can cause very serious damage. Most tech savvy people definitely do not want to have a close encounter with Trojans because they won’t spare anything if they find their way inside the user’s system. Unfortunately, such threats keep coming up with newer and more sophisticated versions and one of the latest representatives that has recently been terrorizing web users is called MicTray64.exe virus . Some of the victims of this virus have contacted our “How to remove” team with a request to help them cope with this terrible threat. This is precisely the reason of existence of this article. Here we will try to describe briefly what you can expect from MicTray64.exe virus and how can you save your system from it. What is more important though is to remove the infection. That’s why in the next paragraphs, you will see a set of detailed instructions on how to detect and delete the Trojan from your computer.

What is this Trojan horse and how dangerous can an infection with MicTray64.exe virus be?

Such a question is very difficult to answer because something very typical for the nature of Trojans is their versatility. This means, that the hackers, who stand behind the infection, can program it to perform practically anything malicious you could think of. Therefore, we cannot determine the exact type of danger you may be exposed to if MicTray64.exe virus is inside your machine. What we can say for sure is that if you don’t remove it immediately, nothing good expects you. If we have to be more concrete, we would like to list some of the most common malicious deeds that can be performed thanks to a Trojan horse infection like MicTray64.exe virus so you can have at least some idea of what might happen to your PC.

You may not know, but the criminals often may use the Trojan to spy on their victims, steal sensitive information from them or compromise their accounts. For example, a piece like MicTray64.exe virus may carry out a number of different actions which would enable the criminals to remotely monitor their victims. The Trojan can provide unauthorized access to your webcam or hack your microphone. Other methods of spying may include much more complex scripts and resources, but they can compromise your entire machine much more seriously. For instance, the Trojan may be used to hijack your internet traffic without you even noticing it. This way, the hackers may be able to see absolutely everything that you do on the Internet – online accounts, login credentials passwords and all the data that you transfer. With access to so much personal information, you can basically be blackmailed, blocked from accessing your own accounts, or become a victim of some other forms of fraud or theft.

With all this said, we basically only explained the tip of the iceberg of what infections like MicTray64.exe virus are capable of. What is more, they are very difficult to detect and remove because they usually try to perform their activities in stealth and remain as long as possible on the infected computer without giving any signs of their presence. Only a good and reputed antivirus can detect and notify you about the infection. Still, if you are reading this page, you have already found that MicTray64.exe virus is on your computer and now you are about to remove it with the help of the instructions in the guide below.

But once do this, you have to take care of the safety of your PC in the future. Investing in appropriate security software that could block similar attacks and warn you of them on time is a good first step. Also, don’t seek for the trouble yourself and try to stay away from suspicious content and web pages that look sketchy and aggressive. Avoid clicking on different pop-ups, online ads, and similar spam messages that may appear on your screen randomly as they may often be infected and may deliver some malware if you happen to interact with them.

Another criminal practice, related to threats like MicTray64.exe virus is the distribution of other malware such as spam, viruses, Ransomware, Spyware and other nasty PC threats. In some cases, the remote control that the criminals can gain can help them turn the machine into a Bot to use its resources and get it involved in their criminal schemes such as cryptocurrency mining, spam or virus spreading. The data and the software that you keep on the system may also get corrupted or totally deleted to save up space for the hackers’ activities.


Name MicTray64.exe
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

MicTray64.exe Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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