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This page aims to help you remove Mindlost Ransomware for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Enc file can be recovered.

The viruses related to the Ransomware family are the most harmful and horrifying ones as they cause file encryption. Following this process, they are normally set to request a ransom in exchange for recovering the encrypted data. To top it all off, such viruses are awfully difficult to deal with, and the outcome of such an infection cannot really be reversed. The particular malicious representative we are discussing in the paragraphs on this page belongs to this category exactly. It is Mindlost file-encrypting Ransomware and we will be describing its characteristics in detail in the article below.

Ransomware-related details:

The viruses classified as Ransomware first appeared in Russia at a point during the last two decades of the XX-th century. Today we distinguish two main types of Ransomware viruses.

  1. File-encrypting – the subgroup Mindlost falls into. Such programs are known to infect devices and scan all their storage for the most frequently accessed data. All that data gets encrypted after that with a special key that is made from two components – a private and a public one. The Public part is available to the victim user once the virus has accomplished its awful encrypting goals. The second component, the Private key, is offered to the affected user by a notification appearing at the very end of the encrypting process. Of course, inside such a notification the hackers share their ransom demands. All the preferred payment details are also included there.
  2. Screen-blocking – the viruses of this group are known to sneak into the victim devices in the same manner as the ones from the other subcategory. The difference is that the screen-blocking type programs may simply block the user’s screen with a huge ransom-requiring alert. In this case, no files get encoded; just the device’s screen is blocked. Nonetheless, a ransom is again requested from the victim users. All the information regarding payments is again available inside the ransom alert.
.Enc File

Mindlost Ransomware

How does such a virus get distributed on the Internet?

Mindlost and the majority of the other Ransomware viruses may have many diverse means of getting around. They may be hiding inside letters in your electronic mail, and email attachments. In such a case they are normally together with a Trojan horse virus, which makes sure their arrival to the affected system is successful, as such a virus uses a vulnerability to let the Ransomware in. One more very widely spread source of this kind of malware is malvertising. Some web platforms may contain malicious ads and right after you click on such an ad, you might get infected by malware automatically. Other potential means of distribution may be drive-by downloads from contagious websites; and some contaminated torrents and shareware also.

Can Mindlost be removed in a safe way? Are the encrypted files likely to be saved?

When we talk about infections rendered by Ransomware-like viruses, it is very important that you keep in mind and comprehend that no action can really guarantee you the complete restoration of the locked-up data. Even if you succeed in getting rid of this threat, your encrypted files may still be lost forever. Even in case you really decide to pay the criminals, they may decide to disappear with your finances and keep your files inaccessible for good. Since the real chance for success in this case is really improbable, we suggest that you take a risk and wait before completing the ransom payment. You will definitely lose nothing if you try to save your files in a different way from simply complying with the requirements of some cyber criminals. What you can really do in case you decide to try to get the problem solved on your own is to contact an expert with some experience coping with such problems. A professional may have valuable knowledge and even some alternative means of fighting viruses such as Mindlost. Once again, don’t expect to recover your data easily even if you hire an expert for the job. Another possibility is to try to use a Removal guide. That is mainly why we have designed one for you. Go down and take a careful look at our Removal Guide. Perhaps it will help you recover your data and decontaminate your system.


Name Mindlost
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Mindlost Ransomware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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