Mole02 Virus Ransomware

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This page aims to help you remove Mole02 Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any Mole02 Virus file can be recovered.

If your personal files that have been stored on your PC’s hard drive have recently become inaccessible because they have been encrypted, then you have most likely had your computer infected by a Ransomware virus such as Mole02 Virus. Ransomware is a type of malware known for its ability to lock the personal data of its victim or their whole PC and later blackmail them. If the user wants things to go back to normal, they’d have to pay a set amount of money to the blackmailer as ransom. Mole02 Virus is one of the latest versions of Ransomware. It is a cryptovirus which uses the method of encryption in order to restrict access to the personal files that are on the infected computer. Here, you can find detailed information about how this piece of malicious software works, what makes it such a huge threat and how it gets distributed to more and more computers. If you have come here searching for help in the fight against Mole02 Virus, we advise you to read the following lines and then head down to our Ransomware removal guide located at the bottom of the current article.

.mole2 Ransomware

Mole2 Virus Removal

What makes Ransomware so devastating?

There is a reason why currently malware pieces like Mole02 Virus are some of the nastiest possible software hazards that one can have the misfortune of landing on their PC. Very few types of harmful software can match Ransomware in terms of how potentially harmful it could be. Hackers who use those virses are known to attack not only regular users, blackmailing them for small amounts of money, but also the networks of whole institutions and companies. There are already numerous examples of banks, airports, schools, hospitals and even governments that have fallen prey to Ransomware attacks. There are a couple of factors that one needs to bear in mind in order to understand what exactly makes this kind of malware so problematic and insidious.

How to Decrypt Mole02 Virus files

We have a comprehensive (and daily updated) guide on how to decrypt your files. Check it out here.

If the guide doesn’t help, download the anti-virus program we recommended or try our free online virus scanner. Also, you can always ask us in the comments for help!

  • To begin with, conventional methods of system protection like having an antivirus program or keeping your firewall enabled at all times often seem to be less than effective against Ransomware. Normally, most forms of security software would not detect a Ransomware infection. The reason behind this is simple – a virus like Mole02 Virus doesn’t work like other forms of illegal software. It doesn’t corrupt files or seek to inflict damage on the PC’s system. The encryption process is, in fact, a popular data protection technique and such a process, on its own, isn’t actually harmful. Of course, if your files are getting “protected” against you, then you have a problem. Unfortunately, this is precisely what happens when you land a Ransomware and the worst part is that your antivirus will likely not see this process as an actual threat, allowing it to be completed.
  • Another important factor to bear in mind is that the removal of the cryptovirus would not actually make the files accessible again. Even if Mole02 Virus has been eliminated and is no longer on your machine, everything that is has already locked would remain that way unless you have the decryption key. Here, it is the place to mention that our guide contains separate instructions on how to potentially decrypt or restore the files after you have dealt with the malware piece. Sadly, we cannot give you any promises with regards to how effective our methods would be since a lot depends on the specific circumstances of the infection. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you try everything that could be a potential way out of this instead of going straight for the ransom option. Paying the money should really only be seen as a last resort, since there’s no way of knowing that you’d actually get the key for your files even if you do everything the hacker wants and pay them the requested money.
  • The third important note that we ought to make here is that most Ransomware viruses are incredibly sneaky and would hardly ever trigger any substantial symptoms. In some instances, it is possible that your machine may start using more RAM, CPU and HDD memory than it normally would but if you have a more powerful machine, this might remain totally unnoticed.

The importance of staying safe

The good news is that it is actually not that difficult to keep away from Ransomware infections. Most users get their PC’s infected by Mole02 Virus and other similar cryptoviruses because they aren’t being careful enough. Therefore, from now on, you ought to make sure that your online activities do not put your computer at risk. Never visit shady and possibly illegal websites and avoid interacting with the contents of any new messages and e-mails that could be spam. Getting an antivirus program might still be beneficial since it can protect you against other viruses like Trojan horses which could be used to allow Ransomware to get inside your PC. Another great piece of advice would be to get your valuable data backed-up which would ensure the file’s safety even in the event of a Ransomware infection.


Name Mole02
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Mole02 Virus File Ransomware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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