Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Virus

This page aims to help you remove Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Virus Scam. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

If you have Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Virus Scam on your computer, made part of your web browser (IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge or whatever other browsing program you typically use), it is perfectly understandable if you are feeling frustrated and annoyed. Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam is a page-redirecting software that most researchers regard as a browser hijacker which kind of explains why it might have tried (and managed) to alter the appearance and the regular functionality of your browser. Such hijackers/redirects are notorious for their ability to take over the user’s browsers and make certain changes to them – the starting page and the new-tab page of the browser might get replaced as well as its default search engine. Additionally, it’s also possible that some new and unwanted toolbar gets added to your browsing program and, at times, there might even be intrusive and obstructive page redirects to random websites that you don’t really want or need to visit. Another typical (and unpleasant) trait of some hijackers is that they could also try to push certain products, online services or web stores by every so often displaying ads of them inside your browser. You get the idea – it’s annoying and, in fact, since you are already on this page, it is likely that you have already been faced with this unpleasantness and that you are, at the moment, actually looking for a way to handle it and remove it from your machine. Well, if this is indeed what you are going through right now, we are glad to inform you that you have landed exactly on the page where you can find the necessary information that can help you in the struggle against the hijacker known as Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam. Just keep on reading and you will find out all that you might need in order to eliminate the annoyance coming from the nagging page redirect.

What you need to know about browser hijackers

The one main thing to keep in mind with regards to any sort of software that displays behavior similar to that of Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam is the fact such page-redirects are mostly used for advertising purposes. They are basically software tools through which their creators are able to accumulate revenue by advertising different programs, applications, sites, search engines, Internet services, web stores and others, utilizing revenue-generating models such as the Pay-Per-View or the Pay-Per-Click.

What this means is that, even if Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam might at first appear as a genuinely useful browser extension, it would likely soon turn into nothing but an annoyance that hardly ever benefits you in any way and is simply there to generate income for its creators without providing you with any real functional feature. Of course, that’s not necessarily always the case – there are some applications that might share certain similar characteristics with the hijacker category while still remaining a useful addition to your browsing programs. However, those are more of an exceptions so don’t expect a typical hijacker to be useful and not simply irritating and nagging.

It’s always better to have it removed

Hijackers aren’t as dangerous as malware viruses like Trojans, Worms, Ransomware and other similar threats. However, they are also not the safest and most reliable of software applications as well. Page-redirects like Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam, for instance, though typically being harmless by themselves, can still feed your browser with adverts and redirect you to sites that might not be too reliable. Furthermore, it is always possible that a certain ad or browser request might actually come from some malicious source which means that clicking on such online content might put your computer at risk of getting infected by some insidious Trojan Horse or Ransomware virus or some other similar malware infection. Uninstalling hijackers is always the preferable way to go so do not hesitate to you our guide manual for removing Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam that we have posted below the current article if you need to.

How did it get in your PC?

A lot of hijackers actually have official sites from where users might try to download them but let’s be honest – how many people would really want to get such software inside their computers. That said, the developers of page redirects like Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam still need to get their products to as many users as possible in order to generate bigger profit so how do they do that? Well, there are the spam e-mails, the misleading online ads, the fake update requests, as well as many sites with low or unclear reputation that might also be used to spread hijackers. One other possible method is file bundling – the hijacker is added another program’s installer and if it doesn’t get manually unchecked from the setup menu, it gets installed along that other program. Now, that you know what to be on the lookout for, we hope that you will be able to prevent hijackers like Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam from getting inside your machine in future.


Name Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Scam
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Virus Scam Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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