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According to the experts’ classification, Newtab.club is a browser hijacker. Any browser hijacker is capable of substituting your initial homepage with another one that it has been programmed to promote; delivering many pop-ups, banners and other online ads to your monitor while you are trying to surf the web; and redirecting you to unknown web pages.


Newtab.club Browser Redirect

The following article focuses on the characteristic features and the removal process of Newtab.club. Probably you are now reading it because you have found out your PC has been suffering from an infection by it.  Maybe you have read something about this program, maybe not. However, we are still going to thoroughly discuss Newtab.club’s nature and effects so that we can answer your questions regarding this program. Another important part of this article is the removal guide you will find below, because it will give you the opportunity to remove this program in a rather easy and simple way.

Characteristics and effects of Newtab.club:

If you wonder who needs so many advertisements, redirections and changes in the settings of your browser, the answer is: the marketing industry. As more and more vendors want to advertise their products and services online, more and more programmers start developing and distributing ad-generating software like Adware and browser hijackers. What’s more important here is that those programmers get paid on the basis of every single displayed ad (pay-per-click method).  For distribution purposes, they form program bundles with their own software, hijackers, sometimes Adware and other programs. These software bundles could be downloaded free of charge and they are the most usual suspects when it comes to spreading this kind of software. The way you install such a program bundle is also of importance. It should be through the Advanced option, if you want to include or exclude some programs from the list of the to-be-installed ones. This measure will certainly save you from Newtab.club and hijackers and Adware in general. The other possibilities like the Default, the Typical or the Automatic option, are not that good and could become the reason of an infection.

We may call the effects of Newtab.club on your PC “an infection” but the program is not a virus, so do not panic! This hijacker is just irritating and possesses some quite shady functions like exploring your recent search requests and matching the ads it shows to them. Nevertheless, it is not even close to malware. Malware products steal private credentials, some of them lock up data and then demand ransom for its recovery; others crash your system or spy on you and copy your keystrokes. What Newtab.club usually does is simply show advertisements and there is nothing illegal about that. Sometimes, it may also reset your browser settings. As a result, you might end up with a different homepage. It is able to affect every type of browser: Opera, Firefox, Explorer and Chrome. Also, some users suspect that the redirection to various pages may actually result in visiting dangerous or infected with even Ransomware websites.

Its Royal Highness Prevention:

If there in fact exists something that can save you from any kind of infection, this is prevention. Prevention does matter and is not difficult. You simply have to follow some rather easy steps and you can be sure about the safety and health of your system. Some of these steps include having the best possible anti-malware tool. Using it for regular scans and updating it on a regular basis are also essential. Another one is performing so-called clever surfing, which basically means carefully choosing the places that you go to online. Many viruses like Trojans and Ransomware might be lurking inside some websites. If something does not appear safe to you, don’t go there. One more prevention step is to have a useful Firewall. Make sure that it is up-to-date and ON, as it can warn you about possible dangers. Last but not least, remember the advice above about the installation process of any program – complete it in the right way and the problems will stay away.

Bye-bye Newtab.club!

If you are willing to end your system’s relationship with Newtab.club, our removal guide is exactly what you need. It has been assembled very carefully with the sole purpose of getting rid of this program. Learn the instructions, put them into practice and hopefully you will be free from the infection.


Name Newtab.club
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Newtab.club “Virus” Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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