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Handling an attack from .No_More_Ransom File Virus is not an easy task. This particular piece of malware falls under the so-called Ransomware category – a type of malicious program known for its ability to lock the personal files of its victims using the method of encryption. After the data has been locked, the user is blackmailed to pay ransom for the encryption key that would allow them to once again access the files. Usually, viruses like .No_More_Ransom File Virus provide instructions on how to exactly make the money transfer within a banner that gets displayed onto the user’s screen when the encryption has been finished.


The No_More_Ransom Virus will encrypt your files and leave a recovery.txt file behind.

If you are currently dealing with this piece of malware, we advise you not to pay the ransom to the hacker, since you might be simply throwing the money away by agreeing to the cyber-criminal’s terms. Bear in mind that the hacker might simply refuse to send you the encryption key even if you have executed the money transfer and you would not be able to do anything about it. Therefore, what we’d advise you to try instead is use our removal guide at the bottom of this article. Apart from instructions on how to remove the virus, we can also offer you several potential methods which might aid you in unlocking your files without paying anything to the hacker. However, we ought to mention that the guide is not guaranteed to work for each and every one of you. Still, it is a preferable alternative to the ransom payment which will cost you nothing to try.

No_More_Ransom File 

When it comes to Ransomware, knowing how this type of virus works is key to successfully protecting your PC and files from it. There are actually two different types of Ransomware programs. They are both used for the same thing, namely, blackmailing their victims, however the methods they employ are different. The first type of Ransomware uses screen-wide banners, which cover the whole screen of the computer and stay above everything. That way, the user is unable to do anything on their PC – even the Start Menu and Task Manager get covered! As intimidating as this might seem, this kind of Ransomware is actually less advanced and easier to handle since, as soon as the malware is gotten rid of, the banner will go away and the issue will be resolved.

However, if you have .No_More_Ransom File Virus on your machine, then you are dealing with the other type of Ransomware, also known as a cryptovirus. As we already explained earlier, those viruses use encryption to individually lock each of the user’s personal files. There are two problems with that: The first one is that even if the infection gets taken care of, the encryption would remain on the file. The second issue is the fact that most recent Ransomware programs of this kind use highly-advanced encryption that is very difficult to decrypt, which is also the reason why oftentimes users find themselves unable to deal with a Ransomware attack from a cryptovirus.

The No_More_Ransom Virus

Another big problem related to Ransomware such as .No_More_Ransom File Virus is the fact that oftentimes it is very difficult to notice it before it gets too late. One should bear in mind that when it comes to Ransomware, most security programs have a hard time detecting it since it does not actually do anything inherently harmful. Encryption is normally not seen as a malicious process by the majority of antivirus tools that people use. This is why Ransomware has such a high rate of success – more often than not it is able to remain fully undetected until it is already too late and the data has been locked by it. As far as the potential symptoms of a Ransomware attack are concerned, we regret to tell you that they are oftentimes very subtle and difficult to notice. Some of the most typical ones are increased usage of system resources such as RAM, processing time and hard drive space. This can potentially lead to a system slow-down which can be considered as yet another symptom.

Stopping Ransomware

Currently, malicious programs like .No_More_Ransom File Virus are spreading like wildfire throughout the World Wide Web and no one is safe from them since Ransomware is known to attack both normal user PC’s and whole computer networks of big companies. That is why, it is essential that you learn and employ the next few security tips:

  • Backup your files If you haven’t done that already – this can greatly help you in the event of a Ransomware attack.
  • It is still important to have a reliable antivirus on your PC since you’d need that in order to fend off Trojan horses, as this type of malware is commonly used for infecting systems with Ransomware.
  • Probably the most important piece of advice that we van give you is to stay away from websites that seem to have shady contents or else you might end up landing some nasty Ransomware virus.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is that viruses such as .No_More_Ransom File Virus could also get distributed via spam e-mails – yet another thing that you should be on the lookout for.


Name .No_More_Ransom
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove .No_More_Ransom File Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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