Notice Booster Site

Notice Booster Site

Notice Booster Site is an unwanted app for iPhone devices that negatively affects the way the device’s browser behaves. Once Notice Booster Site installs in the browser, it starts to reroute it to various sites for promotional purposes and it also alters some of the browser’s settings.

Notice Booster Site

The Notice Booster Site Virus will make fake events on your calendar.

The goal of this app is to make money from paid advertising. Different sites pay the creators of apps like Notice Booster Site commissions to have their products promoted. This is why if you have this app on your iPhone or other iOS device, you will constantly be seeing different banners and pop-up advertisements and why your browser will be frequently redirected to the sites that have paid to be advertised. This scheme is very common and millions of users are forced to put up with its unpleasant consequences. Still, it’s worth mentioning that browsers hijackers like Notice Booster Site are far less dangerous in comparison to more problematic forms of viruses such as worms, Trojans, or Ransomware.

Potential dangers

Even if the app itself is not a harmful one, it may still lead to certain system security hazards you need to be aware of. One of the main problems with many hijacker apps is that they do not have a lot of quality control over the advertised sites and products. Some of the ads and page redirects may actually be linked to unsafe content and it’s even possible to land viruses like Trojans, Spyware, or Ransomware if you accidentally interact with any of the displayed advertisements. It is, therefore, better for your device’s safety to uninstall the hijacker and remove all of its components from your browser by following the next removal steps.


Name Notice Booster Site
Type Browser Hijacker

Notice Booster Site iPhone Removal

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