Notice Fix Site

Notice Fix Site

Notice Fix Site is an unwanted iPhone software component that negatively affects the way the device’s browser behaves. Notice Fix Site will cause the browser to suddenly open new and unknown sites and to fill your screen with obnoxious page-redirects and pop-ups.

Notice Fix Site

The virus will create fake events in your calendar.

This is actually a commonly encountered type of software and its representatives are known as browser hijackers. Unlike harmful viruses, Trojans, and Ransomware threats, the browser hijackers are mostly aimed at turning your device’s screen into a place for displaying various kinds of ads and promoting different sites. If you have Notice Fix Site in your device, you’d probably find it difficult to use the smartphone normally due to the frequent promotional banners that pop-up on your screen and the page-redirects caused in the browser. Your Safari may also have its main search engine and even its starting page altered by the hijacker. This is done to ensure maximum exposure of the user to the ads promoted by the unwanted app.

The good news here is that you should be able to quickly and safely uninstall Notice Fix Site from your device if you closely follow the instructions we have prepared on this page. Even if you don’t feel too bothered by the advertising actions of the hijacker, know that more dangerous threats like Trojan Horses, Ransomware, and Spyware oftentimes get distributed via misleading online advertisements and there’s likely going to be a lot of those on your screen if you don’t make sure to remove the invasive Notice Fix Site. Just follow the instructions and contact us through the comments section if you need additional assistance with the guide.


Name Tasksche.exe
Type Browser Hijacker

Notice Fix Site Virus Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.
You can find the removal guide here.

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