infects most popular web browsers found on iOS devices, such as Chrome and Safari. is an application that falls into the class of programs known as browser hijackers.

The Virus will fill your calendar with messages and ads.

If this application has been found on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, then you have likely come to know about it after noticing certain changes in your favorite browsing program. For instance, you may have noticed a new homepage and/or the default search engine may have been replaced with a new one without you even being asked. In addition, there may have been a new toolbar added to the browser, as well as perhaps some other browser elements.

This rather invasive activity usually surprises users and even scares many of them into thinking that their device has been infected by some terrible virus. However, browser hijackers are not dangerous in that way and don’t aim to harm your system. But the developers of such applications rarely care much for the safety of the websites that they promote. And so it’s very possible that you may at some point be exposed to some unsecure web location and through that to viruses and malware like Trojans, spyware and ransomware.

For this reason we generally don’t recommend allowing software like this to stick around for very long. And instead, it’s best to see to its prompt removal as soon as it’s been discovered. We even have a step-by-step removal guide prepared to help you deal with accordingly. And once you’ve removed the hijacker, you will also be able to restore your original browser configurations.


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You are dealing with a browser hijacker that can restore itself. We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that gets regularly updated. It covers in-depth instructions on how to:

1. Locate and clean up your phone’s calendar events if they are infected.
2. Find browser extensions related to the threat and how to remove them.
3. Ensure your passwords were not stolen or tampered with.
You can find the removal guide here.

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