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Notification Fixer Club

Notification Fixer Club is a type of program that closely resembles a browser add-on. However, experts categorize Notification Fixer Club as a browser hijacker due to its highly invasive nature. Programs like Notification Fixer Club usually integrate with your Chrome, Firefox, Edge or other popular browser, and take over its settings, which directly influences the way your browsing program behaves.

Notification Fixer Club

The Notification Fixer Club will appear in your calendar.

For instance, common changes that browser hijackers make pertain to the browser homepage and default search engine. Both of these can be replaced by new ones, without the possibility for the user to change them back. Furthermore, hijackers like Notification Fixer Club can also add new toolbars to the affected browser. And on top of that, they begin to aggressively generate online ads as soon you start browsing the web.

Thus, it’s not long before your screen becomes filled with popups, banners, box messages and various links. And you might experience page redirects very frequently once Notification Fixer Club has been incorporated into your OS.

So, how does one deal with this? The answer is simple: you need to remove Notification Fixer Club from your system. As soon as you have done that, you will be able to restore you browser settings and everything will go back to normal. However, do not expect to find a designated button labeled as ‘Uninstall’ that’s associated with this hijacker. Its developers don’t really want you to get rid of their product, so you will need to dig a little deeper, so to speak. And we will show you exactly how to accomplish this in the removal guide that will follow shortly.

Believe it or not, but the most likely way you ended up with Notification Fixer Club on your computer was by actually installing it yourself. Only you probably didn’t realize it at the time, which is what the developers of such software usually count on.

Normally, they hide browser hijackers and other such programs in the setup of other software, thus forming so-called program bundles. The trick is that if you would download a program like that and use the default or automatic settings to install it, that would typically imply the installation of all the added components as well. If you were to select the advanced option, say, then you would have been given the opportunity to leave those added components out of the process.

This stealthy installation method has garnered programs like Notification Fixer Club the reputation of viruses. And it’s understandable that an infected user would assume they’ve fallen victim to some type of virus after experiencing the effects of a browser hijacker for the first time. Luckily, though, hijackers are not malicious and don’t belong in the same category as Trojans, ransomware and other actually harmful types of software.

But hijackers like Notification Fixer Club aren’t entirely in the clear either. The above installation tactics, as well as the aggressive advertising practices help categorize this type of software as potentially unwanted. And with that in mind, it’s always best to just delete the hijacker in the question.


Name Notification Fixer Club
Type Browser Hijacker

Notification Fixer Club Removal

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