It is common among all internet users/web surfers to download unwanted content along the wanted one. Unintentionally, perhaps in a hurry, people tend to download harmful software and/or viruses to their devices and wonder later on where it all came from and how come it has infected their computer. Offers4U is exactly one of these malwares.

Offers4U could appear on your current window as intensive and unwanted ads. It could also be seen as automatically opened browsers, in addition to the ones YOU have opened, or as random hyperlinked text. Clicking on those will result in you having to manually remove the virus from your PC. If you do see any of the mentioned signs, do not hesitate a minute longer, but immediately close all pop-up windows, additional browsers and if necessary the one you’re looking at. Offers4U has a reputation of serving as a malware that could easily access your IP address, personal info, and it could result in identity theft or cause a loss of important information you have previously saved on your computer. Offers4U works with third parties and they frequently follow a ‘pay-per-click’ system that tracks your internet activity and allows them to gather as much information as possible that you don’t want them to have.

It is important to pay attention to what exactly you are downloading, what terms of use are there, what you agree to and how the installation process looks and/or what steps it takes. If possible, you should always use ‘custom settings’ for downloads and avoid ‘automatic save & run/proceed’ type of settings because this is the easiest way to download a malware software to your computer without even realizing it. Yes, it could be hard to understand it/notice it at first, but there are few tips/hints you should look for:

  • Avoid all random add banners that pop-up on your screen;
  • Avoid performing any updates that you have not heard of before, but somehow are prompted to; (best if you could consult with someone you know first)
  • Be cautious to what hyperlinked text you click on as some is simply fake;
  • Any coupons offered for discounts, free stuff, etc. are a direct red light for suspicious activity and should be avoided at all cost.

In conclusion, all the warnings and information given to you on this page will help you to remove Offers4U. These instructions are suitable for all upgrades of Windows, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, so you can get the help regardless of what you use. The warnings given are not to scare you off, but to help you learn how to recognize the malware, learn what to do in order to avoid it/prevent it from infecting your computer, and clearly understand the potential damage it could cause you, personally, if allowed into your files and web history. There is more information on the internet than a person could consume at a given moment and it is easy for malware to ‘enter in’, but once you ‘do your homework’ you and your information will be safe.

Which browsers are the most susceptible to Offers4U?

Of the big three (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer), Google Chrome is by far the most likely to be infected. Modern infections occur more than 60% of the time on Google’s signature browser for a few very specific reasons:

  1. More than half of all online users employ its services. Obviously, for the creators of adware and malware, it makes the most sense to invest time and effort for their creations to be especially obnoxious and hard to remove on this browser.
  2. The number two reason is that despite its popularity and and history of being plagued by adware, Chrome has some of the most lax security out there – it almost freely permits the editing of the browser itself, mainly because of the way its extensions operate. There have been efforts to tighten up the security’s loopholes lately, but there is still much work to be done.

Offers4U Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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