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Onclickbright is a potentially unwanted web browser application that redirects users’ searches to certain sponsored websites. Onclickbright targets Mac users and typically gets installed through free software bundles and attractive-looking ads.


The Onclickbright Virus will display pop up ads and windows

You would definitely want to know how to remove an app like Onclickbright if you have installed it inside your browser without actually wanting to. For that, however, you will need to detect all of its elements and carefully uninstall them from your system. Only in this way will you be able to liberate your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) from the undesirable piece of software and its constant page redirects, search engine/homepage changes and random pop-up ads. If you fail to do so, Onclickbright will probably return to your browser and start disturbing your web browsing activity again. 

One of the first things that a program like Onclickbright would do when it gets inside your Mac is to change the homepage settings or disable the default search engine of the main web browser and replace it with a sponsored one. Such changes typically allow the invasive application to forward you to some pre-defined domains the very moment you start a new browsing session. Another thing this software does is it constantly generates various pop-up ads, banners and web links on your screen in an attempt to make you click on them. This activity, however, does not benefit you in any way and usually makes your browser sluggish and unresponsive. 

Onclickbright for Mac

Onclickbright for Mac is an intrusive extension for Mac browsers used to reroute users’ searches to specific sponsored web pages. Onclickbright for Mac is intended to generate more traffic and clicks for its partner websites through auto-redirects and aggressive ad-generation.

The more people have this program on their machines, the more traffic and clicks the sponsored websites will get. This, in turn, can increase the page ranking and the revenue the website owners will get from potential purchases of the goods and services promoted there. This is one of the reasons apps like Onclickbright are so widespread and their developers are constantly trying to nest them in new Mac systems.

What is Onclickbright?

Onclickbright is Mac software that is classified as a browser hijacker because it “hijacks” the default settings of your browser and replaces them with some ad-generating and page-redirecting components. Onclickbright aims at making users visit supported sites to generate profit for its developers.

The developers of the unwanted app earn money every time a user is diverted to one of the websites that are partners of the hijacker. That is why, as long as the hacker is present on your Mac, you’ll continue to experience page redirects to various unknown pages, as well as exposure to aggressive ads, pay-per-click web links, and banners.

Fortunately, the actions of the browser hijacker are unlikely to harm the Mac computer in a serious way. Yet, your web browsing may not be safe while an app like Onclickbright is present in your system because its random redirects may land you on pages that may potentially be used to spread Ransomware, Trojan horses, Spyware and other viruses. 

The On click bright app

The On click bright app is a potentially unwanted application that is installed in Mac browsers to hijack and fill their screen with pay-per-click ads, new tabs and page redirect prompts. The On click bright app is not a virus; but if not removed, it could potentially expose your Mac to online threats.

Thus, when faced with such a browser hijacker, you are advised to uninstall it from your machine. Our suggestion is to use the instructions below or run a scan with reliable security software.


Name Onclickbright
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Onclickbright Virus

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