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Browser hijackers are surely among the most irritating programs out there, and unfortunately, they are not exclusive to our desktop computers anymore. They’re becoming ever more common on android smartphones and tablets, as well. And Onclkds.com “Virus” is one of the latest releases of this software category to start bugging users on their portable devices. But where did it come from? How can you protect yourself from it in the future? And most importantly – how does one remove Onclkds.com and rid their device of the annoying changes in the Chrome, Firefox or other browser, such as the newly set homepage, default search engine and constant redirects? Read on to find out.

What is a browser hijacker and how can it infect you?

Browser hijackers serve the online marketing industry and specialize in promoting various new websites, products and services. Hence, all the numerous ads that you keep on seeing, when you try to browse the web or use a certain app. The main question that people tend to ask themselves is whether or not they are in fact dealing with a virus or sorts. Luckily, Onclkds.com is not a real virus or any sort of other malicious program, such as a Trojan or ransomware. Nevertheless, there are a few other unpleasant things you ought to know about browser hijackers, aside from the annoying side of their behavior.

First of all, most programs of this type have the ability to monitor your browsing patterns and extract certain information from it. For example, they could be recording your recent search requests, or the websites you visit most frequently and/or bookmark. This information is then used to optimize the ad flow, so that you are then exposed to ads that match your preferences. That way you will be more inclined to click on them or purchase something promoted by a certain ad.

This is an apparent privacy violation and is one of the main reasons why browser hijackers are thought of as potentially unwanted programs. But you may still be wondering how Onclkds.com “Virus”  managed to invade your device and it was most likely as part of another app that you installed. Unfortunately, unlike with their desktop counterparts, hijackers like Onclkds.com “Virus” often come integrated with other apps, which does not allow the option of separating them prior to installation. With this in mind, the sensible thing to do from now on would be to only download apps from reputable manufacturers and preferably also research the app in question, before downloading it. As for removing the current program that’s bothering you right now, please refer to the removal instructions below.

Onclkds.com Virus Android Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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