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Panel Notes

Panel Notes is a new potentially unwanted Mac add-on for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox that focuses on site promotion through aggressive page redirects. Panel Notes attaches itself to the Mac’s main browser after getting installed in the system through the help of a program bundle.

Panel Notes

Panel Notes on Mac

If you have noticed Panel Notes within your browser but don’t remember allowing this app to get installed on your Mac, you have most likely recently installed another program or application that has had the hijacker attached to it as a bonus feature. This is the so-called file bundling software distribution technique and it is oftentimes used as a method for spreading small apps and software elements that people wouldn’t normally download and install separately. In the case of Panel Notes, the symptoms of its presence such as sudden browser page redirects, search engine changes, and replacement of the homepage and new-tab page address are likely to get noticed immediately after the potentially unwanted app gets installed. Those symptoms are also what makes most users try to uninstall the browser-hijacking application. Unfortunately, however, the disruptions and the annoyance caused by this software is actually the lesser problem related to its presence on your computer.

Panel Notes for Mac

Panel Notes for Mac is an undesirable browser extension specialized in ad-generation and site promotion. Panel Notes for Mac has been reported to gain control over some settings in the browser and modify them without permission in order to then fill the browser with banners, popups and other ads.

As we said, even though this software tends to be quite irritating, this is not the biggest concern you should have with regard to it. What’s a bigger problem here is the fact that the advertising materials that get put on your screen may, on some occasions, have adverse effects in relation to your computer’s safety. What we mean by that is you could eventually end up getting redirected to unsafe web locations that may be disguised phishing pages or online download platforms used for the distribution of dangerous computer viruses like Spyware, Trojans, or even Ransomware.

What is Panel Notes?

Panel Notes is a site-advertising tool known for its ability to take over Mac browsers and turn their windows and tabs into promotional space. Panel Notes can typically be found included in other programs as a bonus feature or inside spam messages and behind clickbait ads.

The best way to avoid apps like it in the future is to remember to never download software from download platforms that aren’t verified as secure. Since you are a Mac user, it is suggested that you stick to the App Store and avoid any other software sources. This would give you the highest possible security with regard to the apps you download in the future.

The PanelNotes app

The PanelNotes app is an advertising browser attachment for Mac known for its aggressive and unauthorized page redirects and browser changes. The PanelNotes app could through its advertising actions make the computer vulnerable to external threats, including phishing viruses, Ransomware, and Trojans.

The suggested course of action for anyone who has this app installed on their Mac is to delete the hijacker. Uninstallation instructions will be provided to you inside the following removal guide. 


Name Panel Notes
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Panel Notes from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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