PC Optimization Tools

PC Optimization Tools

PC Optimization Tools (or PC optimizers) are specialized programs that target specific system problems, storage problems, and general performance issues or bugs and try to solve them. A lot of users, however, have difficulties deciding which of these programs are truly needed for the optimal operation of their computer and which are a waste of disk space and money. That’s why, in this post, we will try to explain the main types of PC optimizers that you can choose from and the advantages that your machine will get from having such tools. Of course, we also will discuss how users can recognize rogue PC optimizers and what the risks are when such programs are kept on the computer.

PC optimization tools

PC Optimization Tools can fix various computer issues.

Types of PC optimizers and their features

There are PC Optimization Tools that address almost every problem that may occur during the use of a computer. There are also PC optimizers that help with the system’s maintenance and can finely adjust the system to improve its performance. Interestingly, these programs are heavily criticized online and are considered to be useless rather than helpful. However, there are several categories of PC Optimization Tools that computer experts consider as useful and even recommend them to web users:

  • PC Cleaners. These programs are developed to increase the performance of your computer by removing unnecessary system components such as old files, damaged or junk files, Internet history, cookies, cached data, documents in the trash bit, etc. Some experienced computer users may claim that PC Cleaners are useless because the cleanup of the above components may be performed manually. However, for the average user such automatic tools are much convenient to use and save them time.
  • Memory optimizers. These optimization tools can do a great job if your hard drive often lacks just that little free storage. Memory optimizers are commonly paired with defragmentation software that gather and arrange the scattered system files. In this way, they massively boost the machine’s efficiency and enhance the speed. Of course, some people may say that operating systems often have built-in defragmenting functions, which is true. But if you need additional aid in setting up your system, you can always rely on user-friendly third-party tools. Just keep in mind that there are lots of scammers that sell bogus memory-boosting tools, so you have to take caution to pick a trustworthy tool to enhance your machine rather than tamper with it.
  • Full optimization and safety suites. Even though there are as many useful PC optimizers as PC issues exist, it is simply not possible to install them all. That’s why having a tool that combines all the functionality of a PC optimizer and provides a fully integrated system protection service seems like a good solution. A lot of program developers nowadays come up with suites with system and security features. Such suites typically have a multitude of integrated PC cleaners, memory boosters as similar tools as well as antivirus filters. The “all in one” functionality of these programs makes them popular among regular computer users. However, experts suggest that the antivirus programs and system optimization programs operate more efficiently when separated.

Virus protection programs and tools for optimization – what’s the difference?

There are a number of similarities between virus protection programs and PC Optimization Tools. Both of them are designed to detect and eliminate the computer’s vulnerabilities in order to keep it protected against possible security breaches. However, the criticism these two types of programs receive is also understandable. Such pieces of software may often take up a lot of drive space, use a significant portion of the CPU resources and influence the system’s performance during their operation. And the paradox here is that when the computer’s performance is low, the system becomes more vulnerable and more susceptible to problems. Fortunately, this paradox can be solved by choosing and installing programs with features which complement each other and can be used when necessary.

Fake PC optimizers

Although there are a lot of PC Optimization Tools that are worth having on your computer, there are also fake or rouge PC optimizers that may do more harm than good if left to operate inside the machine. Most of the time, the rogue programs display non-existent system issues and prompt users to purchase a license or the full version of the program in order to fix them. The fake PC optimizers may also try to make unauthorized changes to the system’s settings or start some additional processes that may eat up the computer’s resources. To avoid such programs, always ensure that you read through user feedback about the software you plan to install on your computer and download the setup package from reputed websites.

Finally, it should be remembered that tools for computer optimization can help you use your machine day-to-day, but relying on them to solve all the problems may be too high of an expectation. We recommend you to carefully select what PC Optimization Tools can actually have a positive impact on your system and install only reliable ones. If you are facing serious system issues, it is best to carefully research their origin and rule out the possibility of a malware infection by scanning the computer with professional security software.


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