Pegasus Iphone Virus

Pegasus Iphone virus attacking Apple devices

Apple products are widely known for their high resistance against virus and malicious software attacks. However, as it seems, even iOS 9 appears to have certain weak spots that might get exploited by hackers. Three such vulnerabilities collectively known as Trident, have become a major issue when it comes to keeping Apple devices safe from remote attacks. This set of vulnerabilities has been spotted by hackers and soon after has enabled them to use the infamous Pegasus Spyware to invade iOS smartphones.

Pegasus Spyware

This malicious piece of programming, as its type would suggest, is capable of spying on a user’s smartphone in a variety of ways. It could monitor incoming and outgoing messages, go through the online history of the user, record phone calls of the user as well as employ various other spying techniques. Once the data is acquired, it gets sent to the hacker who can then abuse it in a number of harmful ways. The gathered info could be used for blackmailing the victim or for direct theft from their online bank account. Furthermore, the targeted user might not even realize what’s going long after the malicious deed has already been carried out. It should be obvious by now just how nasty this Spyware program is and why people should be very wary of it.

How does it get to people’s iPhones?

There aren’t that many ways to breach an iPhone’s defenses and in most cases hackers count on the users’ negligence and lack of care. In this particular case, the method employed is called phishing. Here’s how this scheme works: The cyber-criminal sends an e-mail or some other type of text message to the target. This message contains a malicious link that leads to an exploit kit that remotely infects the device with said Spyware. However, the message itself is written in such a way that it may trick the user into tapping upon the link. The message might claim anything. It might tell you that your device needs an update and you should click on the link so as to get it, it might present you with some kind of offer or anything like that. However, no matter how alluring or urgent it seems, do not fall for it. Besides, it is not that hard to spot a fake and potentially malicious message. After all, if it is coming from an unknown sender and it contains a suspicious hyperlink, then it is almost certainly a ruse. Therefore, always think twice before you open any shady-looking links that get send to you, because this might expose both your device and your virtual privacy to some considerable risks.

iOS 9.3.5

Fortunately, the Pegasus Iphone Virus has been discovered. After those weak spots in iOS have been spotted, Apple has issued a new update for their devices – iOS 9.3.5. This update amends the detected weak spots, resolving the Trident issue. All users of iOS have been strongly advised to update their devices, regardless of whether they are using an iPhone or an iPad in order to neutralize the Pegasus threat. If you are using an iOS device that has not been updated yet, make sure to do that as soon as possible due to the high risk of landing this malicious Spyware. Furthermore, even if you have carried out the update and your iPhone or iPad is already safe, it is still advisable to be careful with any suspicious links. Vulnerabilities within iOS are rare, yet no system is perfect and deprived of weaknesses. In this case, the Pegasus virus exploit proved that iOS is no exception to the rule. Therefore, the best protection you can get for your device is your own common sense and vigilance. Always approach newly received messages from unknown senders with utmost caution and do not interact with any questionable links unless you are hundred percent certain that they are not going to expose your device to security hazards.

How to remove Pegasus from Iphone

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