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This page aims to help you remove Police Attention “Virus”. These Police Attention “Virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

In case you are interested in the following article, you may have had some probably unpleasant experience related to Police Attention “Virus”. If this is indeed the case, then you may be searching for possible answers to your questions about how to uninstall and stay away from such annoying software in the future.

First of all, you have probably already realized what has been bothering your online experience for a while. Its name is Police Attention “Virus” and it has been identified as an Adware. I am going to explain its typical features and effects to you in the text below.

Nature of Adware

Adware is a software product which displays pop-ups, banners, pop-unders and other types of advertisements. This software may also open new browser windows and tabs without the user’s approval. Some specialists claim that Adware could represent an even bigger problem than most computer malware at least when it comes to the number of the infected machines. At first it may appear as just an annoying distraction with plenty of and hard-to-close pop-up ads. However, it is also possible that the overall computer performance might be compromised as generating different ads may consume a lot of system resources. That’s one of the reasons why Adware is commonly mistaken for malware, a typical example being Ransomware, even though it is mostly harmless.

How does it infiltrate your system?

When you download and install some free software bundle on your computer, the Adware programs that may be lurking inside it are also being installed. Nearly all browsers- Chrome, Firefox and IE could be infected with Adware. However, don’t panic! Always remember that Adware DOES NOT copy and use your private information, including banking data, passwords or accounts credentials. The only thing it could do is keep track of your surfing history and display ads relevant to your recent searches. Nevertheless, beware because there may also exist particular Adware-like programs that could sell the data about your browsing preferences to 3rd parties. An adware infection may occur whenever you decide to select the “Quick/Default” installation option of a program installer. In this way you let the installer integrate into your system any possibly unwanted program that has been included into the software bundle. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the additional programs in the software bundle are Adware.

That’s why it is recommended that you always choose the “Advanced/Custom” installation option, instead of the default one and carefully read through all menus. In this way you will have all the information about the software that is installed and you will have the opportunity to opt-out of the components and applications that are not necessary for you.

Why do developers include Adware in their program bundles?

As you might expect, advertisements are worth a lot of money and this is a typical way for developers to finance their further programming activities. Most Adware functions according to the pay-per-click scheme and the more ads are generated, the more money the programmers make. Probably that is why there are sometimes whole streams of constantly appearing ads. Some of them may be even programmed to open a new pop-up as soon as you have closed the first one.

Important details about Police Attention “Virus”

Police Attention “Virus” behaves like a typical Adware program which could at times have some questionable characteristics. Many security specialists have classified it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It hasn’t been identified as malicious software (a ransomware for example) or highly dangerous. Police Attention “Virus” is not similar to a virus- it doesn’t harm your system and doesn’t steal your data.

This type of Adware has been developed to serve the purposes of direct marketing. The advertisements displayed by it may come in many various forms. The way Police Attention “Virus” acts is dependent on your surfing habits. Most often it tries to generate only ads based on your personal preferences and recent searches.

How to safely uninstall Police Attention “Virus”

Consider yourself lucky as it’s usually very easy to uninstall Police Attention “Virus”. It’s possible that you may have the opportunity to remove it by using the uninstall option that can be accessed within the “Add/Remove programs” section of the Windows Control Panel feature.

Nonetheless, sometimes some extra actions might have to be taken. The removal guide we have prepared for you will help you complete the uninstallation process in a simple and efficient way.


Name Police Attention
Type  Adware/Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Police Attention “Virus” Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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