Pop.yeawindows.com Virus

This page aims to help you remove Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus” is a Browser hijacking component, that may convince you to install it on your Chrome, Firefox or IE browser because of its good-looking appearance and promising browsing enhance. Yet, before you start using it to search the internet, be aware that it is a potentially unwanted program that often appears unexpectedly in the users’ browsers and begins redirecting their search queries to various commercial sites. This program belongs to the group of the Browser hijackers, which is a software group, known for their potentially unwanted activities, browser modifications, and intrusive ads generation. If you want to learn more about its abilities and potential dangers, please take a look at the information that follows. Our “How to remove” team has tried to provide you with a brief explanation about the nature of the Browser hijackers and Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus” in particular, as well as to assemble a free removal guide for all the users who want to uninstall this software from their machines. 


Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus”

Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus” may take over your web browser and force you to use a dubious search engine!

It seems that Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus” is distributed through free software packages, which explains why so many users install this browser hijacker without knowing it. Most people simply run the setup of another attractive free program without checking what is inside (via Advanced or Custom option) and end up with “additional component” like the one we speak about. According to the data, other sources of this software are free program bundles, direct download links from the web, torrents, automatic installers, spam messages, ads and email attachments.

Once it appears on your PC, this potentially unwanted program usually sets a new home page and a default search engine by blocking the other search engines and settings that you have set. In fact, all such browser-hijacking programs are designed to take control of the default browser settings and prevent the user from changing them with the sole idea to get its browsing queries redirected to specific sponsored pages. It looks like Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus” also serves sponsored content. This means that instead of getting relevant search results, you will likely find pages with ads that lead to suspicious external sites. The whole idea of providing sponsored search results and redirects to dubious web pages is to earn revenue on the pay-per-click scheme. The browser hijacker we describe redirects users to certain web pages and thus, increases traffic to them.

If you click on these suggested sites, however, you never know when you may encounter potentially dangerous web pages or even catch some nasty viruses.  Many cyber criminals often use fake ads or redirects in order to land the unsuspecting online users to their dreadful infections such as Trojans or Ransomware and it is not excluded that you may unknowingly bump into such misleading links or compromised ads. With this in mind, if you care about your security and privacy, it is better not to interact with the content generated by Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus”, or simply remove it as soon as possible. Another reason you may not want to keep the hijacker on your system is that it may interfere with your privacy by using tracking cookies in order to monitor your online activity. Once you search through the imposed search engine, the tracking cookies will immediately “intercept” it. The same happens with any URL that the user inputs into the address bar, as well as the ads they click on or any and other browsing information.

The good thing is that the hijacker cannot collect personal information about you, so it cannot steal your log-in data on different sites or cause some serious system harm the way that a Trojan or Ransomware virus could. Still, if you are tired of the browser hijacker’s actions and want to browse the Internet without annoying interruptions, we advise you to remove it.

How to safely uninstall Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus” from your system and enjoy your regular surfing?

Fortunately, you don’t need a specialist’s help to get rid of the browser hijacker. All you need to do is to strictly follow the instructions in the removal guide. After you delete the culprit who has made changes to your browsers, configure your settings to suit your needs. You can find a more detailed explanation of how to delete the hijacker and reset the browser settings below. If the manual does not help you or if you find it confusing, you can choose to automatically remove Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus”. To do this, you need a malware removal tool. If you do not have such a program, you can check out the recommended one or select a program of your choice.


Name Pop.yeawindows.com
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Pop.yeawindows.com “Virus” Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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