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Premium Field

Premium Field is an invasive browser hijacker extension for popular Mac-compatible browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari that starts initiating unwanted page-redirects once installed. Premium Field is designed to alter the browser’s settings and turn the browser into a platform for promoting various sites.

Premium Field

The Premium Field Virus will interfere with your browser.

This browser hijacker isn’t a very dangerous piece of software, but it could still potentially lead to some safety issues in your computer. In addition to that, it would most certainly disrupt your browsing activities with its incessant generation of pop-ups, clickbait messages, page-redirect links, and other similar forms of online advertisement.

Premium Field for Mac

Premium Field for Mac is an aggressive ad-generating malware app that infects popular browsing programs for Mac the likes of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Premium Field for Mac can install a new search engine service in the browser to replace the default one and redirect user searches.

To further add to the irritation, this browser hijacker may also install a new homepage and new-tab page in your browser that redirect you to sites that constantly try to sell you something or to get you to subscribe to some online service you don’t really need. The search engine of the browser may also get replaced by the hijacker in order to show you modified results that favor sites which have paid to get promoted by the unwanted app. All in all, the goal of this app is advertising-oriented and while this wouldn’t normally pose any direct danger to your computer, it may still open the gates to much more hazardous software such as Trojans, Spyware, Worms, and Ransomware.

What is Premium Field?

Premium Field is an intrusive malware extension for Mac browsers that is programmed to generate income through the promotion of its partnering websites. To promote those sites, Premium Field makes changes in the browser and forces it to automatically redirect you to them without your permission.

The removal of apps like Premium Field is the most sensible solution in such cases, as this will negate the changes in the browser and will stop the automatic redirects and ad-generation. However, to uninstall an app like this one, you are likely to need some external help. Removing hijackers isn’t a very simple task because this sort of software normally installs helper elements in the system that enables the unwanted app to return to the browser even after the user has seemingly removed it.

The PremiumField app

The PremiumField app is a type of Mac malware/junkware that is designed to spam your screen with paid ads that earn revenue based on how many clicks they could get. The PremiumField app is also responsible for redirecting the user to different ad-heavy sites.

If you worry that Premium Field may expose your system to Trojans, Ransomware, or other malware through its endless generation of ads and page-redirects, we advise you to take a look at the steps in the guide below. Follow them closely and, should the need arise, use the professional removal software to get rid of the hijacker. If you do everything correctly, there should be nothing left from this unwanted app in your Mac computer once you are finished.


Name Premium Field
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Premium Field Mac Virus

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