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Process Sign

Process Sign is a potentially unsafe browser add-on that can get installed on most macOS-compatible browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Process Sign, once installed, alters the browser’s homepage, toolbar buttons, and search engine, seeking to use them for ad-generation and automatic page redirects.

Process Sign

The Process Sign virus on Mac

Unlike highly malicious virus threats such as Trojan horses, Spyware, and Ransomware that stay hidden and rarely show symptoms while operating in the system, an unwanted app such as Process Sign would immediately reveal its presence in the computer as soon as it gets installed. Most users first notice the changes in the browser and then begin to experience the sudden and unwelcome generation of aggressive advertisements as well as site redirects to websites that the intrusive software is trying to promote.

Generally, software apps that show this type of behavior are categorized as browser hijackers because they tend to take over the browser and change so that it would be better suited to facilitate the advertising agenda of the browser hijacker. Some users may initially think that the changes made by the hijacker are there to provide them with some useful online tools or to make their browsing sessions safer. The truth, however, is that the main goal of nearly all browser hijackers is to make money from different kinds of paid advertisements and the changes in the browser are introduced with the sole purpose to further push this advertising agenda.

Process Sign for Mac

Process Sign for Mac is a page-redirecting app that installs on Mac browsers and makes unauthorized changes in their settings. Process Sign for Mac isn’t a virus but it will redirect your browser to sites you may not want to visit, potentially compromising your Mac’s safety.

The advisable course of action for anyone who notices that there is a browser hijacker on their Mac is to immediately take action towards uninstalling the undesirable software. This will help keep the computer safe and away from dangers such as Trojan horse infections or file-encrypting Ransomware viruses.

What is Process Sign?

Process Sign is a rogue app that spreads through file bundles and seeks to attach itself to the main browser on your Mac. Once Process Sign enters the computer’s browser, it begins changing it and after that it fills it with adverts and site redirects.

The goal of the people who have created this unwanted software is to earn money from its adverts and site redirects by implementing the Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View gain methods. Those methods are used to directly generate money from user clicks on the displayed ads and visits to the advertised sites.

The ProcessSign app

The ProcessSign app is a browser hijacker for Safari and other Mac browsers that generates money via paid ads. The ProcessSign app starts to display paid advertisements and to redirect the user to the sites of its sponsors as soon as it gets installed.

If you don’t know how to remove this unwanted app, know that we can help you down below, in the removal guide you will see there. Just complete the instructions exactly as they are explained and you should have no difficulty uninstalling this aggressive browser hijacker. 


Name Process Sign
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Process Sign Virus from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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