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Product Task

Product Task is a Mac browser hijacker – a type of a software that hijacks Safari, Chrome, and other browsers and imposes new settings on them. Product Task is regarded as a potentially hazardous app because the changes it introduces could make your system vulnerable.

Product Task

The Product Task App Virus will display pop up ads and windows

If the main browser on your computer has recently been invaded by some weird application that has made unauthorized changes in its settings, and has started to redirect your searches to random sites, some of which try to sell you something, then you are most likely dealing with what is known as a browser hijacker. This is not a harmful and dangerous software such as a Trojan, or a cryptovirus of the Ransomware family, but it is still not an app that you’re advised to keep in your computer.

Product Task on Mac

Product Task for Mac is a type of macOS malware that IT researchers classify as a browser hijacker. Product Task for Mac is known for suddenly opening new-tabs and windows while the user is browsing, as well as for redirecting one’s searches to irrelevant pages.

Not that you would enjoy having a hijacker anyway – this program may replace the search engine in the browser, set up a new homepage and new-tab page, and mess with your toolbar. It doesn’t matter what the main browser in your computer is – Safari, Chrome Firefox, etc., most browser hijackers don’t discriminate between the different browsers people use. In fact, this type of apps can also be found on different systems – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and so on. All in all, this is a very widespread type of software, and it is very common for users to get such apps attached to their browsers.

What is Product Task

Product Task is an unwanted browser extension that installs on Mac computers and causes changes in the browser. Product Task has been reported to redirect users to pages with questionable or irrelevant content and to replace the default search engine service of the main browser.

The key thing is to know how to remove the hijacker – uninstalling an app of this category like Search Baron or Bing Redirect may not always be easy. In fact, in most cases, a regular user is likely to face difficulty with the removal of a browser hijacker, which is why we have a guide on this page that will present our readers with the knowledge they might need in order to successfully eliminate this program from their machines. Product Task, like most other similar apps, will likely lack an uninstallation wizard, and might not even be listed in the extensions’ manager of your browser. Obviously, this can make its removal a rather tricky process as many people wouldn’t know where to start. Also, if not fully removed, this pesky software may return to bother you the next time you start a browsing session. The good news is that our instructions should be enough to allow you to eradicate this invasive software, and restore your browsing program to its regular state.

The ProductTask App

Product Task is an app that is classified as a browser hijacker extension for Mac browsers. The Product Task app is programmed to inject ads and open new tabs in your browser with the aim to generate ad revenue for its creators.

Although this app is far from infections and software threats like Ransomware, Worms, or Trojans in terms of danger level, it is definitely not the safest piece of software that you can get installed in your computer. For example, it’s many ads and its sudden redirects may oftentimes be lined to obscure and potentially hazardous web addresses such as phishing sites, or sites used for the distribution of insidious malware programs. Many users get their systems infected with Trojans or Ransomware after clicking on misleading online ads, which is why it is always advisable to avoid interacting with browser advertisements the origins of which is unknown. Needless to say, the ads generated by the hijacker can originate from all kinds of Internet addresses, and since you can never be certain if their sources are safe, it’s best if you don’t click on any of them.


Name Product Task
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Product Task Mac Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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