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Progress Match

Progress Match is a browser hijacker that integrates with Mac web browsers and forces them to display various ads and page-redirect prompts. Progress Match typically replaces your Safari, Chrome, Firefox’s homepage with another one and/or changes the search engine to facilitate the generation of more ads and sponsored search results.

Progress Match

The Progress Match Virus is on Mac.

The most irritating activity of this program is probably its ability to make modifications to the browser’s appearance and operation without asking for approval from the users. Progress Match can be kept responsible for a possible search engine replacement, homepage changes and the installation of various unwanted buttons and tools inside the browser’s toolbar.  Another source of frustration is the unstoppable stream of pop-ups, banner ads, and text links that the program displays in order to redirect users to specific URLs.  Fortunately, the activities of the irritating program can be successfully removed and, at the end of this article, you will find exactly how to do that. Below there is a detailed removal guide and a professional removal tool, both of which can help you uninstall Progress Match and stop it from disturbing your web browsing experience and your Mac browser.

Progress Match for Mac

Progress Match for Mac is a new browser hijacker for Mac browsers that may often be confused for a virus or malware. In reality, however, Progress Match for Mac is a fairly innocent program intended primarily for promoting specific services, products and software and for redirecting users to their supported websites.

The good thing about Progress Match is that it can’t harm your Mac computer in the way that a real virus or malware such as a ransomware, a Trojan or a spyware can. In general, a browser hijacker is unlikely to steal your personal information, record you through your web camera or mic or encrypt that files that you store on the computer. However, you can still be heavily disturbed by this type of software in several ways.

What is Progress Match?

Progress Match is an unwanted program which can “hijack” your browser’s default settings without requesting permission. Progress Match can usually install page-direct add-ons and components in order to maximize the visibility of other web sites, and to ensure that your web surfing sessions are flooded with supported promotional content.

For example, a browser hijacker like Progress Match may irritate you with the aggressive way it displays ads on your screen. Typically, the program tries to place its various pop-up notifications, banners and commercial messages right on top of the page that you are visiting, and, in this way, prevents you from accessing the content or navigating the page. It also installs some unwanted ad-generating components, search engines, shortcut buttons, and tools inside the browser’s toolbar, which not only clutter it, but also constantly prompt you to click on them in order to be rerouted to the sites they are linked to. These browser “improvements” can be very annoying, but they can also threaten the safety of your web browsing and lead to a possible encounter with actual security threats, including Trojans, ransomware and other viruses.

The ProgressMatch app

The ProgressMatch app is a program that is not interested in harming your computer but may heavily interrupt your web surfing. The key concern that most web users express regarding the ProgressMatch app is that its modifications cannot be removed or uninstalled quickly from the affected browser.

This is also why many people think they have been infected with a virus that is difficult to uninstall. Fortunately, the browser changes and the activities of Progress Match are unlikely to harm the Mac computer but its ads and constant redirects will clearly be a cause of frustration and navigational confusion. That’s why the removal guide below can be the much needed salvation from the hijacker’s disturbance.


Name Progress Match
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Progress Match Removal from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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