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Protection Cellphone Club

If your iOS device has been infected by Protection Cellphone Club, then you have landed yourself a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers like Protection Cellphone Club are generally considered to be harmless, but they are associated with certain risks for your system.

Protection cellphone Club

The Calendar Virus

Namely, as a result of being infected with an application such as Protection Cellphone Club, your iPhone or iPad can become vulnerable to external threats and even highly dangerous ones like Trojans and ransomware viruses. This may occur as a result of being redirected to pages that are unsafe or have been infected with such viruses by hackers, for example.

This doesn’t mean that Protection Cellphone Club is a malicious piece of software itself, though. Browser hijackers are not identified as harmful and shouldn’t be confused with the above malware categories. In contrast, these are pieces of programming used for advertising purposes. It’s just that their means of advertising may at some point pose a danger to your device.

One of the primary advertising tactics that apps like Protection Cellphone Club use are page redirects. So, in the middle of your browsing session, you can at any point be redirected to some website or address that the hijacker is tasked with promoting. However, whether or not that specific web location is safe is something that the hijacker developers have little concern for.

Similarly, you could click on one of the many popups, banners, box messages or other types of ads that Protection Cellphone Club has been filling your Safari or Chrome browser with. And those may, in turn, lead you to an insecure web location. Therefore, it’s best to simply remove this hijacker with the help of the free removal guide we have for you here.

Remove Protection Cellphone Club Calendar Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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