Protection Cleaner Fun

Protection Cleaner Fun

Protection Cleaner Fun is a browser hijacker that is compatible with most iOS browsers. Hence, once inside your iOS device, Protection Cleaner Fun will attach itself to your Chrome, Safari or whatever other browsing program you’re using.

Protection Cleaner Fun

The Protection Cleaner Fun Virus will fill your calendar with fake events.

Browser hijackers have started to become increasingly popular with Apple devices, in particular iPhones, iPads and iPods. Before this used to mainly be a problem of Android device users, but apparently nothing is stagnant. The symptoms are all nevertheless the same. Namely, users mainly experience changes made to their browser’s appearance, such as replacements of the default search engine and the browser homepage.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon to see a new toolbar added to the browser. But the changes also directly affect the browser’s behavior as well. Namely, your Chrome or Safari may begin to trigger page redirects during your online sessions and send you to sponsored web locations.

But most notably, software of this type has a strong tendency to generate large quantities of popups, banners and other forms of online ads. This is what usually annoys the affected users above all else. And if that is your case as well, then you will likely want to remove Protection Cleaner Fun in order to rid yourself of all the irritating advertisements. If so, then you can make use of our free removal guide just below this post.

We would like to emphasize also that removing Protection Cleaner Fun will also contribute to minimizing the risk of exposure to various viruses and other threats. Many experts associate browser hijackers and other such applications with the potential of running into Trojans, ransomware viruses and other malware due to the many page redirects, for example.


Name Protection Cleaner Fun
Type Browser Hijacker

Protection Cleaner Fun Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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  • Hi! I’ve been trying to remove this Protection Cleaner Fun thingy from my calendar as it’s appeared on my iPhone… I’ve followed through your steps but logging into iCloud on my phone only allows me access to my Photos, Notes and Find My iPhone apps. Help?

    • Hi Patricia, when you are logged in your iCloud you need to find the calendar app and then proceed with our guide.

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