Protection Device Site

Protection Device Site

Protection Device Site is what is known as a browser hijacker and it targets iOS devices. More specifically, Protection Device Site integrates with the browsers installed on iOS devices, such as Chrome and Safari.

Protection Device Site

The Protection-device.Site Virus will create events in your calendar.

If your iPad, iPhone or iPod has recently been infected with Protection Device Site, then your browsing experience has very likely become defined by myriads of online ads. They can come in different shapes and sizes including popups, banners, box messages and even in the form of in-text links. Furthermore, your browser may have started to trigger random page redirects to various sponsored websites just as you’re busy browsing the web.

And to top it all off, your familiar browser homepage and/or its default search engine might be replaced with new ones. The only way you will be able to restore your browsing program to its original pre-hijacker state is by removing Protection Device Site from your device. And this can be done in a few simple steps described in the removal guide below.

What to expect from Protection Device Site

Besides the obvious symptoms that we already mentioned, there are a few other consequences of having an application like Protection Device Site running on your smart device. For instance, due to the way hijackers operate, this one may be collecting browsing data from your sessions online. This is done to optimize the flow of ads and maximize profits from those ads for the developers.

Last but not least, hijackers like Protection Device Site are also associated with the risk of exposure to viruses such as Trojan, ransomware and others due to the frequent page redirects and intensive generation of ads that may lead to unsafe web locations.


Name Protection Device Site
Type Browser Hijacker

Protection Device Site Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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