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Protection Fixer Fun

Protection Fixer Fun is what security experts identify as your typical browser hijacker. However, Protection Fixer Fun in particular targets only iOS devices, meaning iPods, iPads and iPhones.

protection fixer fun

The Protection-Fixer.Fun Calendar Virus

If this program has made its way into your device, it is likely because it was integrated with some other application that you recently downloaded. And you will be able to recognize its presence by the odd behavior of your Safari, Chrome or other browser. Namely, users most commonly complain about changes made to the main search engine as well as the browser’s homepage. And in addition to those, it’s not uncommon for the browser to begin to generate numerous popups and banners, along with other types of online advertising materials.

Furthermore, your browser may also begin to redirect the page out of the blue – also as a result of Protection Fixer Fun’s presence on your device. And the only possible way to rid yourself of all these annoying effects would be by removing their very source – Protection Fixer Fun. Below we have put together a detailed removal guide that will walk you through this process.

Remove Protection Fixer Fun Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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  • How do I delete the actual events off of my calendar. They seem to be shifting days so that I always have two days of events. Please help this is driving me nuts

    • Hi Eric,
      on your iPhone go to Settings and then go to Passwords and Accounts. Then click on Subscribed Calendars. Inside delete everything that looks suspicious to you. Try this and tell me how it went.

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