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  • I tried your SpyHunter, and it white listed the Quick Driver Updater. WHY? I was trying to get rid of it

  • Hey guys! I downloaded the quick driver updater and realized it is a Trojan virus. When I try to delete it a error pops up and doesn’t allow me to delete it. Is there a way to just wipe the app? If not, what is the best way to go about removing this from my windows 10 digital storm PC? Thank you for your help!

  • Very sorry just found you. It appears I must have gotten Quick Driver Updater packaged with a free program WebDiscoverBrowser; that I downloaded on 12/21/2020. I’m replying to you on a second computer, because Windows will not load on my primary very-valuable computer. I first noted a problem after spending two weeks downloading files from a web page; about 210 Gig onto a G-tech 6 Terabyte drive. First indication anything was wrong was when that drive’s file system fragmented and became unreadable. I went checking, found that another 2 Terabyte drive internal to the computer had been renamed, but still had readable files on it. That clued me in there was a serious problem. So I went investigating and decided to use Tronscript to clean up everything. So Tron began running on a command prompt window. Then another window popped up to the side, informing me there were Windows files missing I needed to update, or Windows would possibly not run properly. I looked at that window and did not associate that with something Tronscript was doing; rather presumed that could be the Quick Driver Updater making yet another bid to load programs. I declined. Tron processed through to Step 6; where it failed to update Windows. There is some speculation on my part that the reason for the fail could be that my cheap boss may have loaded a Windows PE version that got no support from the Windows page Tron was going to for Windows update and repair. Bottom line, I am window-less. Tron operates from a Resources folder on the Desktop. It’s still there, yes. But my attempt to run Tron from the command prompt has only again confirmed that certain Windows files are not from a recognized version of Windows. I do not know if this is the aforementioned reason or whether Quick Driver Updater has changed a character here or there and made the files unrecognized. So, I’m left, sitting here looking at the Quick Driver Updater sitting in my Windows folder on the troubled machine; wondering what will happen if I just delete that there. Do you have advice?

    • Hi Jon,
      i would advice you to go through the guide that will help you with every step of the process. If you find it difficult i would suggest to you to download the anti virus software from this page and run a scan.

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