R00t Ransomware

This page aims to help you remove R00t for free. Our instructions also cover how any R00t file can be recovered.


R00t is a malicious form of software that is used by its creators for the purposes of money extortion through blackmailing. R00t achieves its purpose by taking the victim’s most important data hostage and demanding payment for freeing it.


The R00t Ransomware will show you these instructions in a .txt file

This type of malicious programs are known as Ransomware and we are sure that many of you have already heard about this particularly unpleasant form of malware. There are many reasons why this type of viruses are regarded as especially problematic and difficult to deal with. As you probably already know, they use encryption to make you unable to access most of the files you have saved on the infected computer. The encryption process is pretty much unbreakable and no program can penetrate it. Also, while the process is still underway, the chances of it getting spotted by you or by your antivirus are rather slim – most antivirus programs are unable to detect Ransomware and there are almost no visible symptoms triggered by these viruses that may draw your attention to their presence in the system. All in all, if a Ransomware attacks your computer and there are important files in there, you could be in a lot of trouble (especially in case you don’t have any backups!).

Sk3wl of r00t

The R00t virus is dangerous software specifically designed to force you to pay a ransom by not letting you access your personal files until you send the demanded money. The R00t virus applies encryption to all targeted files which keeps you from opening them.

Once the Ransomware completes its file-encrypting job, it would make sure to notify you about the ransom payment demanded from you for the release of the encrypted data. Paying the hackers behind the Ransomware, however, is not a very wise decision because it may backfire and make the situation even worse for you. The problem here, aside from the usually very high amount of money demanded for the decryption key, is that you may not receive anything from the hackers once you send them your money. Those people are, after all, dishonest cybercriminals – there is simply no guarantee that a decryption key would be sent to you once you make the money transaction

The R00t file decryption

The R00t file decryption is the process through which the files locked by this virus get set free and become accessible once again. The R00t file decryption is usually not possible if you don’t have the private key that gets generated by the virus.

But if paying for the key is not advisable and the decryption is usually not possible without it, what could one do to fix things? Well, there could be some other things you can try in order to get some of the data back, but you must first remove the virus. The instructions below will help you with that and once you remove the Ransomware, you can move on to the alternative file recovery suggestions that you will also find in the guide.


Name R00t
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove R00t Ransomware

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You can find the removal guide here.


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