Boggi Milano Menswear is the latest victim of Ragnarok Ransomware

Ragnarok Ransomware strikes again

Multiple sources are reporting that the gang behind Ragnarok ransomware has managed to steal 40 gigabytes of data from the fashion house. Boggi Milano, an Italian men’s luxury clothing, has confirmed the incident that the brand was struck with Ragnarok ransomware.

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From the information that is available, it becomes clear that the 40 gigabytes of exfiltrated data consist of classified information such as salary details and files belonging to human resources.

Investigators of the incident have also detected leaked files of the fashion brand in the Dark Web that consisted of payment PDFs, vouchers, tax documents, payroll files, and more.

It is yet to be revealed how much money in ransom the Ragnarok gang is asking from the fashion house. The website of Boggi Milano is presently up and operating. The brand has informed its customers that it is working closely on the incident with the Italian authorities.

No business is immune to ransomware

This recent incident is yet another reminder that there is no business that is immune to ransomware attacks. According to multiple studies carried out by security researchers working on such malware classes, the number of ransomware attacks is growing like a snowball.  Schools, hospitals, vaccine companies, manufacturers, food supplies, local authorities, and even governments are common targets of ransomware threats every day.

Boggi Milano, in particular, is a global brand headquartered in Italy, that operates 190 outlets in more than 38 countries.  Security professionals are commenting that even though the effect of the Ragnarok attack on the fashion brand doesn’t seem to be significant, the theft of nearly 40GB in classified data related to its customers and staff could cause a serious problem. The penalties for leakage of this type of information could be high, especially considering the fact that the company is operating on a multinational level and each country could impose a fine for a data breach.


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