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Reach Choice

Reach Choice is a potentially unwanted Mac app that operates from within the main browser after getting attached to it. The reason Reach Choice is regarded as unwanted is that it changes the default homepage and search engine without permission in order to initiate page-redirects.

Reach Choice

Reach Choice on Mac

The goal of this app is to provide certain sites with increased exposure and supply them with more visits in order to improve their traffic and Google ratings. As far as the end-user is concerned, there’s not much that this can offer them. In most cases, software such as Reach Choice is seen as intrusive and undesirable, which is why most people prefer to have it removed from their Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other browsers. However, this unwanted app lacks a built-in uninstallation button and to many it may be difficult to remove it manually. However, it is still possible to eliminate this software and we will show you exactly how you could do it in our guide at the bottom of the current post.

Reach Choice for Mac

Reach Choice for Mac is an intrusive app from the browser hijacker category that can get installed on most Mac browsers with the goal to spam them with page redirects. Reach Choice for Mac makes changes in the browser that might make it more vulnerable to malware attacks.

Even though the purpose of hijackers like this one isn’t related to damaging your system or the data you’ve stored in the computer, there is a certain risk in keeping such an app in your computer. The main security concern is that those page redirects that get spammed on your screen may not always land on reliable sites. Most browser hijackers don’t impose any serious control on what content they promote, which theoretically means that you could get redirected to some harmful phishing page or to a site that has malware uploaded to it. Even though this doesn’t happen too often, it’s still preferable to uninstall the hijacker just in case, especially considering the fact that the app itself doesn’t really provide you with anything too useful.

What is Reach Choice?

Reach Choice is a rogue app that gets installed on Mac computers and integrates with their browsers in order to promote certain sites while the user is surfing the Internet. Reach Choice changes some of the settings of the infected browser to cause it to open page-redirects.

If you have this hijacker but wish to restore your browser’s regular starting page, toolbar buttons, or search engine, the only way to successfully do so is by removing the unwanted app. Otherwise, the hijacker would not allow you to override the changes it has made in the browser.

The ReachChoice app

The ReachChoice app is a type of rogue software known as a browser hijacker that is capable of infecting your browser. The ReachChoice app is known for redirecting the user to some ad-heavy sites that make money through aggressive online advertising.

To put an end to the ads and the page redirects that constantly disrupt your browsing, use the instructions below and/or the removal tool we have linked here. 


Name Reach Choice
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Reach Choice Virus from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.

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