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Reinquire is a browser hijacker tool that introduces some interface changes inside your Mac browser that allow it to advertise on your screen without your consent. Reinquire is installed mainly via file bundles and aims to automatically redirect you to various pages during your web browsing sessions.The redirects that Reinquire initiates are designed to increase the visibility and the traffic of specific websites that pay for promotion. The activities of the program may not appear to be a major problem for Mac users at first glance. However, in a very short period of time, many of them may find it difficult to search the Internet because the app is constantly trying to make them visit the websites that it supports. On top of that Reinquire typically alters the settings of their Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browser by introducing a new homepage and a search engine that further promotes specific web addresses, offers and deals and spams the screen with pop-up messages, banner ads and hard-to-remove web ads. Obviously, the longer the browser hijacker stays in your browser, the more frustrating your web surfing would become. Therefore, uninstalling it is the best way to deal with the disturbance.

The Reinquire virus on Mac
The Reinquire virus

Reinquire for Mac

Reinquire for Mac is a browser hijacker program that modifies the default Mac browser with the intention to use it as an online advertising tool. Once it becomes part of the system, Reinquire for Mac starts to automatically generate advertisements and page redirect prompts to sponsored web locations.The main goal of the app is to drag traffic and generate more views to sites that have paid for online promotion and better exposure. Although this is not something malicious or illegal, the activity of such an app is definitely not very pleasant. Reinquire may, for instance, reroute your web searches to a site you are not interested in visiting to prompt you to click on a web ad, a pop-up or a banner of questionable origin.

What is Reinquire?

Reinquire is a type of undesirable software that is used for promoting websites, products, services and other software on the screen of popular Mac browsers. The reason many people may want to uninstall Reinquire is that it can substantially change their web browsing experience and use system resources for its aggressive advertising activity.Unfortunately, since you cannot know how safe or reliable the promotional content of the hijacker is, it is best to avoid interaction with it. After all, there are plenty of nasty threats (such as Ransomware, Trojans, viruses, spyware, etc.) that can infect your system with one single careless click, and risking the safety of your Mac is simply not worth it.

The Reinquire app

The Reinquire app, like App_Updater or Bc20 is a Mac program that is categorized as a browser hijacker because it is capable of controlling Mac’s main browser. The Reinquire app makes changes to a browser that the user has not accepted and then uses page redirects to annoy them.The purpose of this app isn’t malicious, yet if its activities compromise the security of your device or expose you to questionable web content that may contain security hazards such as Trojans, Ransomware viruses and spyware, we suggest you make use of the instructions listed in the guide below and remove Reinquire once and for all.


Detection Tool

*Source of claim SH can remove it.

Remove “Reinquire will damage your computer” from Mac

The following instructions will allow you to remove “Reinquire will damage your computer” in two ways:

  • The manual instructions will allow you to remove it on your own by downloading 2 software suites which will show you the folders the threat is located in. Installing, scanning, and deleting everything will require 1-2 hours of your time, depending on your speed and the threat itself.
    Note: If “Reinquire” has an in-built ability to restore itself on a restart, the manual steps will not prevent that. We recommend the automatic removal.
  •  Download SpyHunter for Mac (one of the apps used in the manual instructions), scan with it, and if you decide to use the program, it will likely require about 15-20 minutes. This, however, requires an active subscription for SpyHunter, which means either to use the trial version or purchase the software.

Removal instructions:
1. Download EtreCheck from the Appstore and scan for any “Reinquire” unsigned files. Delete them. (You can skip this step altogether and download and scan with Spyhunter instead if you don’t want to double-check things).
2. Download and install Spyhunter for Mac. Scan for any malicious files.
3. The app will show you which files are infected. Either use SpyHunter to delete them for you (the automatic removal) or do it manually, which means tracking down each detected location by yourself and deleting the file.
4. In most cases start with /private/var/root/Library/Application Support/.”Reinquire”/”Reinquire”
5. In Finder press Shift+Command+G to open the Find window.
6. Search for the /var directory. Then proceed and look for the /root folder inside.
7. It will most likely be locked and you will need additional permissions to meddle with it.
8. Press command+I and scroll to sharing and permissions. Add your user name to permissions.
9. Now you should be able to access the /root folder and proceed and locate the /Library folder inside it. Proceed to do the same until you are inside the /Application Support folder.
10. It is possible that the folder you look for is hidden, if that is the case use command+shift+. to locate and find the file you want to delete.
11. Delete the “Reinquire” file.
12. If none of this helps, try the steps in this guide

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