Ad Network Performance Virus

This article aims to help users remove Ad Network Performance Virus (or adnetworkperformance display virus) from their respective system.

ad networperformance display virus

We are pretty sure you have been affected by Ad Network Performance Virus in one way or another if you are reading this article. If you are looking for general information about this program then continue reading. If you are looking for a way to remove it from your system then no worries – we will provide this for you as well.

Adnetworkperformance display virus

First of all you should know what you are dealing with and that is most likely a virus of the Adware class. Typically adnetworkperformance display virus will provide a never-ending stream of Ads for you to deal with. Whether in the form of pop-up windows or banners one thing is certain – there will be no way for you to completely ignore them. The displayed advertisements can actually promote a number of things but most likely they will offer you something that might be of some interest to you. In order to achieve this effect Ad Network Performance Virus targets your online browsing data – history, cache, cookies, related searches. As you can imagine this is quite dangerous for the affected user and might have some very serious implications.

Other negative effects attributed to Ad Network Performance Virus

At the very least you are going to experience severe computer slowdown. That is mainly due to the fact that any time you load a web page an ad is also going to be loaded so it will take double the amount of processing power to load it successfully. This is quite taxing for any system and will certainly take its toll down the road if not taken care of. But especially for older systems it might lead to a complete freezing of the OS or even a blue screen of death.

Another aspect for you to consider is that these advertisements if interacted with will very often lead to fake websites that are looking like the real deal but are in fact not. Even a small difference in the URL address is a clear sign that you have been redirected to a dangerous place. This can be quite tricky to notice but you should be on the lookout at least until you remove Ad Network Performance Virus from your computer.

Another important tip to remember – never install anything prompted by this malware.


Name Ad Network Performance Virus
Type Adware
Detection Tool

Remove Ad Network Performance Virus

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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    • Hello,

      You should delete all of these lines, then save the file.

      If you are having any troubles (or the virus persists) please let me know.

    • Hello,

      Please try using the guide first. If that doesn’t help tell me in which steps you say presence of the virus.

      • adnetworkperformance com … this is bull shit and this is i cant earn my website last 2 months… this adnetworkperformance appear first on popup
        how i can remove this permanently please tell me.

        • Hello,

          Did you do all the things written in the guide already? If you haven’t please start there and contact me when you’ve done them all.

  • Hi again,

    If you still get the Ads even on a fresh install and the guide didn’t help then maybe the Ads are created by the blog itself. Contact the hosting company for that, especially if this is a free blogging service.

    Alternatively you can download and install the Ad Block plug-in for Chrome and use it to block the Ads.

  • Hi Gary,

    You need to reset your browser profile. Go create a new profile, then select the current one.

    Let me know if that helps.

  • Hi,
    i read the step and try to do it but there is nothing i can do, no suspicious Add Ons no strange IP

    or anything but i still get adnetworkperformance pop up when i browsing

    • HI John,

      Can you try resetting your google profile? You can do so by going to the options menu, look for the accounts section. Create a new profile, then delete the old one.

      Did it help?

  • Hi,

    I follow all the instructions, yet it still doesn’t remove. I also done resetting my google profile. Can you help me with this?

    • Hi Donna,

      Can you open your network adapter, click properties, select IP4 protocol and click properties again.

      Do you see any numbers in the DNS field?

  • Okay, press Win+R, type “msconfig” without the commas. Look at the startup section. Anything suspicious there?

  • Hi Quan,

    Can you press Win+R and type msconfig. Look up the startup tab – anything suspicious there?

  • Okay Donna, try downloading SpyHunter from one of our banners and run a system scan – that’s free. This should give us a clue where the virus is hiding and you can delete it manually if you don’t want to pay for the program.

    • Hi, Thanks for this I just got a hint in some of my program that I installed. I just uninstalled it and there is no dns unblocker and adnetwork performance popping out on my browsers anymore thank you very much!

  • Hi Shae, if you are absolutely sure you did everything correctly its possible we are dealing with a new variation of the virus. What you can do is download SpyHunter from one of our banners and run a system scan. This is free, so you don’t need to pay anything for the program. If SpyHunter locates the virus you can just go the the folder it points out to and delete it manually yourself (or pay a subscription and let the program delete it for you).

  • Hi Shae, do you remember if Spyhunter found and deleted Ad Network Performance specifically? Its possible that the virus is gone, but the adjustments it has made to your browser remain. You’ll have to reset your browser manually. Do you use Chrome, Firefox or IE?

  • Hi Leah, sorry for the delay.

    If you are sure the guide yields nothing can you try to download SpyHunter and run a system scan. You don’t need to pay anything to scan. Can you tell me if the program finds anything?

  • I’m sorry for the slow reply. Were you able to the resolve the situation on your own or do you still need help?

  • Hi, I did step 1 (pressed shift, and chose save mode with networkoptions) But now I do not even have internet explorer of any other browser on my laptop. Can you help me?

    • Did you uninstall all of your browsers? Download an installer from another device, load it on an USB and re-install it on your laptop.

  • Hi Panda1313,
    thank you for your concern about the dots. These are fine. Our team researched these and they are harmless. Contact us if you need further assistance. 🙂

  • under the local host, there’s an unsuspicious IP on my laptop: activate.adobe. com ssl.bandisoft. com cert.bandicam. com
    what should i do?

    • You should delete those because they are coming from the undesirable software. After you do that, you must save the Hosts file.

    • Yes, those certainly are not supposed to be there. Do remove them and the save the changes to the Hosts file.

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