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Are you bombarded by Ads by Couponi? We can show you how to remove Ads by Couponi with our comprehensive guide, designed to work with all versions of Windows.

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TO ALL READERS: PLEASE READ THIS! If you are reading these sentences, you have identified you are infected by a virus – what you don’t know, however, is that this particular virus class (adware) is famously known for using pop ups to trick uses into installing more of their kind you would later have to remove. Since Ads by Couponi is is practically someone’s idea of a marketing campaign, this makes sense if you think about it. You are forcefully made to visit certain websites and the people who make you visit them want you to never stop receiving the ads. But they realize you will want to remove Ads by Couponi… So they program it to trick you into installing more of its kind. Procreation. However, the good thing about this, is that adware definitely are NOT sophisticated enough to do anything without permission from you: that’s why they resort to these lies. In that train of thought, the only thing you really need to do is ignore all messages and pleads, and you should be fine until you remove the pest.

The most frequently seen fakes are:

  1. Fake updates for programs the like of Java, Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader and many more. The virus scans your PC the moment it lands on it, so it can potentially imitate a wide array of popular programs you may or may not have. Winamp for example is one such program. Ads by Couponi can be very resourceful so be extra careful.
  2. Another fake is potentially malicious updates for Windows or for anti-virus programs. These are practically the most dangerous of all fakes, since they hit right at the weak spot of any security: the human. Most users trust completely their anti-virus program and windows updates, so they wouldn’t think twice about accepting something from them.
  3. The third and most prominent fake are the redirects that await you if you mistakenly click on the advertisements. Most of the time you still alnd on the promised products, but about 30% of the cases, new tabs will open with so-called phishing websites – websites dedicated to the sole reason of making you have to deal with more software like Ads by Couponi. These websites are triggered to start downloading a .exe file in a matter of 20-30 seconds. You should reacts quick and preemptively close them. If you fail to stop the download a setup will start installing viruses and in the end you’ll have to remove Ads by Couponi or something even worse.

ATTENTION! Be aware that all of your Accounts and Passwords are exposed – Ads by Couponi starts tracking them and later (unknown how long) it sends the information it gathered to the people who created it.


Name Ads by Couponi
Type Adware
Detection Tool

Remove Ads by Couponi

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You can find the removal guide here.


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