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You have been infected by “Ads by CouponJumbo” ? This article includes Ads by CouponJumbo removal instructions, designed specifically for all versions of Windows.


It is never a good idea to have a virus like Ads by CouponJumbo on your computer for a prolonged amount of time. Unfortunately in order to fully remove Ads by CouponJumbo from your computer you’ll need to locate every single file related to the virus and delete it. Our removal guide should point you to the right direction for that. However, learning about how Adwares work might be even more valuable in the long run. These things mostly use tricks to confuse users into installing them – recognizing these tricks is the best prevention mechanics against viruses there is.

Remember – never trust the Ads!

Looking at and closing those pop-up windows sure is annoying, but as long as you keep doing it then the danger is minimized. If you ever try to interact with the ads or worse – install anything then you might be in a world of trouble. These things are not real advertisements for real products – they are frauds who try to sell you all kinds of fakes. They might use the names of existing legitimate programs, but nothing is real. If you ever tried buying anything you’d either get nothing, a cracked worthless copy or worse case scenario another virus.

Be careful – some Ads may try to trick you by pretending to be system messages. If you are seeing anything similar to the items on the list below then this is likely the case.

  1. Your PC is suffering from a number of critical issues (possibly with the registry) that need to be resolved ASAP. You can download a free utility that will do that for you.
  2. An important pre-installed program (like Flash, Java) has become outdated and has become a security threat. You are offered to immediately download and installed the update.
  3. You see an empty pop-up or maybe even a whole page. An error informs you that you have to install a missing plug-in, codec or maybe a video player before the content of the page can be shown.

Unfortunately this is a tried, tested and very successful method to infect computers. Besides Ads by CouponJumbo you might find it on multiple sites around the internet with the same goal – spreading viruses. If you see anything like this then probably the whole site is infected and very dangerous. Leave immediately.

Program bundles – a hidden backdoor

Some program installers offer you the option to install a number of other programs beside the main thing – as free extras. This is not necessary a bad thing – if those programs are not Adware of course. Unfortunately, especially when we are talking about installers of free programs, Adware may be exactly the thing that is lurking inside. For this reason forget about default installations and always go advanced. If everything is OK then you just have to click NEXT a few more times, if it’s not then you can easily deny installation to all unwanted extras.


Name Ads by CouponJumbo
Type Adware
Detection Tool

How to Remove Ads by CouponJumbo

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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