“Ads by Square Corner” Virus

Ads by Square Corner Overview

WARNING! All READERS, PLEASE BEGIN HERE! If you are visiting this removal guide, then you know you have been infected by Ads by Square Corner. What you probably don’t know, however, is that Ads by Square Corner is a part of the “adware” (an acronym for advertisement and malware) class, and this class has several characteristics you need to be firmly aware of. If you do not pay attention here, you are likely prone to falling prey in the clutches of the people who created this thing, as it invariably relies on trickery. It does everything in order to make you install more adware, or worse – ransomware. Ransomware are viruses than encrypt your files and ask for a ransom to unlock them. It is never clear which adware can serve as the front door for ransomware, and for that reason we implore you to keep attention to the following:

  • Two possible fakes, and indeed the most widely used ones, are updates for Java and Flash Player. They may look completely legitimate and useful, but the moment you click on them, a setup file will be downloaded. Ignore them completely to save yourself from possible headaches.
  • Alternatively, the moment Ads by Square Corner manages to infiltrate your system, it has the ability to scan your Control Panel for programs you have installed. It has an in-built library of the most popular such entries, and it can imitate them too.
  • Another possibility is the so-called “banner” scheme. At the upper and lower sections of pages, you may encounter signs about missing plugins or recommended software. Shy away from these, as even in-built “close” signs on them can open an installer.
  • Additionally, redirects to infected websites whenever you open links will start plaguing you. These will not be limited just to clicking the ads; we’ve encountered cases where they appear when you click on completely unrelated links. Immediately exit the websites if you find yourself there, as they are a breeding ground for viruses. Just being connected to them is very dangerous.

Additionally we have identified at least one other side effect Ads by Square Corner brings about. It’s a so-called sluggishness of the system. Some browser crashing, stuttering, and instability are all present as well. The situation is different on a case by case basis, according to how new and powerful the machine is, but it is felt by all. The issue here is that the advertisements displayed are purely generated by your PC. In normal circumstances the ads are a part of the web pages’ designs, but now they are superimposed on top. Having to generate them, your PC’s CPU is having a hard time processing everything, thus it becomes slower.



Name Ads by Square Corner
Type Adware
Detection Tool

How to Remove Ads by Square Corner

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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