“Ads Powered by Deletead”

Have you been infected by “Ads Powered by Deletead” ? We have detailed instructions how to remove Ads Powered by Deletead in the guide below. They were designed to work with all versions of Windows.

ads powered by deletead

Ads Powered by Deletead

The internet is not a safe place – nowadays more then ever. If you are reading this article then it’s probably because your PC has been infected by the Adware virus named Ads Powered by Deletead. It creates a large amount of unwated Ads every time you open your browser. Fortunately, as long as you just ignore or close the Ads nothing bad will happen to your computer. For this reason consider yourself lucky with Ads Powered by Deletead. There are many viruses out there that could be much worse.

Why it is a bad idea to click on the Ads

As mentioned above the best way to threat Ads Powered by Deletead until you remove it is to simply ignore the ads. It’s never a good idea to put any trust in them. These things are entirely fraudulent regardless of what offers and promises they might be presenting to you. Often they will use real and popular products to appear legitimate. If you make the mistake of clicking on some Ad you might even find yourself on a site that looks exactly like the official site for the product – and it might even have a similar domain name – possibly with only a few characters in difference. All of this is done to convince you that you are buying something real – when in reality it’s just a scam to take your money.

What’s worse is that sometimes the Ads won’t go after your wallet – instead they will even offer you free downloads. But what really will be inside those files offered is another virus – and chances are it will be much more sinister then the annoying Ads generated by Ads Powered by Deletead.

This is the main reason we recommend removing Ads Powered by Deletead and any other Adware as soon as possible. They serve as a backdoor helpers to more dangerous threats.

Some Ads might not even advertise anything

Considering we are all seeing all kinds of non-computer Ads multiple times during our daily routine falling for those tricks above is not that common. For this reason developers of viruses try dressing their Ads with all kinds of tricks. One of the more obnoxious trick is to pose them as system messages. Several examples of this behavior are listed below:

  1. Pop-ups spawning over media windows or huge empty banners are generated and they all show an error message. It says that you have to download and install a missing plug-in before you can see what’s inside them.
  2. A fake message originating from a fake java or flash icon demands you immediately update the program because it has become outdated.
  3. A warning message pops-up claiming that an online anti-virus scanner program has searched your PC and found a number of viruses in it. It promises to clean them for you if you install it on your machine.

These things are nasty. As you can see they rely on creating urgency or panic to subdue your rational thinking. Every file offered is a virus.


Name Ads Powered by Deletead
Type Adware
Detection Tool

Remove Ads Powered by Deletead

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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